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Come let us sin together. Take off your clothes – no, let me help you do that. Yes…you are scared, I can tell. Your heavy breathing is not anxiety, its beauty –the beauty of sin. No, I am not nervous. But I am a sinner and sinners lie; so…again, I am not nervous.

I plant one kiss on your forehead; then another on the nape of your neck. Two more kisses on your cheek. Yes, we both know what my lips are looking for; but where’s the fun in that. A quick sin is like a quick meal when starving: helps quell the urge, but does nothing for the hunger. I enjoy the tease. You are breathing more heavily now; it is obvious, you enjoy it too.

Yes, I found it finally, that soft spot. No, do not hold back – scream if you want; we are sinners, let’s not hide from our nature. I know you feel the burning urge within you. I do too. But I hide my satisfaction well. But don’t hide yours; we’ve come too far as sinners to lie about this glorious feeling now.

Is it okay if I kiss you down there? I only ask that in my thoughts. There is no permission in sinning – just mutual compromise at the beauty that flows through our bodies. I gaze at your naked body and see an ethereal beauty. They say the devil is the father of all sinners. I say the devil is a jealous step-dad, as you could only have been the creation of the one whose commandment we disobey.

One more kiss on your navel; then another and another. You smile and then giggle. Oh, I forgot…that part of your body always feels ticklish. I look up at you and smile. If we weren’t sinning you would have told me to stop. But in sin there are no rules; I kiss your navel once again just to hear you giggle childishly. It makes me smile knowing that we are in this together –sinners in love.

“I love you” you whisper into my ears, your breath deep as you nibble on my earlobes. I smile and say nothing in response. I go deeper and you moan louder, your fingers biting into my flesh; the painful adrenaline pushing me to passions unbounded. It is pure bliss in both our senses; moans and groan and then again you repeat the words “I love you”.

We are sinners; and sinners are liars. So I repeat the words back to you as we enjoy this sinning together; our labored breathing, an obvious sign that we shall live to sin another day.

by Mifa Adejumo

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