Forever can

#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 28, Written by sir @sir_Jaydee

Forever can’t come much sooner… You just left without saying goodbye… Starring at the window pane, all that flashes through my mind was the memory of us. When I first met you at the park, sitting with your friend watching the game in your checkered shirt and jeans with your flat plimsoles as the sun reflected on your skin. My first glance was EPIC!! My eyes first caught your neatly polished nails.

The music from my headphones seemed to stop blasting for a minute. You crossed your legs and your blue shoes shone even brighter. While my senses tingled and my emotions mingled, I walked up straight to my friend who was also fixated on the match and said; “WOW!” Confused, he’s asked “what??!”, I pointed at the bench where you were sitting… He gasped and said “WHOA!! She’s fine, look at her smooth thighs!” But you were putting on jeans I then noticed he was talking about your friend Obviously, Frank wasn’t interested in you which was a plus for me because he was a better male specimen than me,.

 Let’s go say hi Frank said. “No” I replied yet my mind said yes like a million times. Before I took my first step, I started thinking: “what if she has a boyfriend?”, “what if I give the lamest hug or say the dumbest thing?”, “what if I smile wrong”, or worse, “what if she snobs me…?” The what ifs were still running through my mind when I raised my head and Frank was standing 2metres away from with you and your friends, As he introduced us, I’m sure I gave the lamest handshake ever. You told me your name was Yetunde and Frank asked us to take a walk. I couldn’t say anything for about 5mins until you asked me in your sweet tiny voice what my name was. I smiled and said “Jesse”,(but you can call me Mutombo) .You laughed, it sounded like music to my ears. We kept talking, I amazingly made you laugh, told you my crazy stories. It was like we had known each other for years… I lost track of time as we kept talking, then, a car parked, you waved, A face peeped out and said Mum just called again.” You hurriedly held pecked me and ran to the car. I kept smiling as I waved and you disappeared. I turned and Frank asked me “so when are you going to see her again?” “OH SH!T!! I DIDN’T COLLECT HER NUMBER!!!”

 I got home and sank into a chair, I was so disappointed! Damn!! I logged into facebook, searched ‘Yetunde’ and a million names popped up! It was hopeless!!

 I stand at the same spot every day, every Saturday, staring at same the basketball court, hoping that you would somehow appear. Days pass, and then weeks. Still no you! I craved for another chance with you, promising myself that I’d let you know how I feel… God! I’d have given ANYTHING to have those glorious minutes with you, all over again!

Sir Jaydee

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