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The house

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Sesan….Ok pause. .. Was the ground going to open up?  See my life, me Sesan of all people? I closed my eyes and tried to think of what to do but then again what the fuck do you do in a situation like this?

Ibironke just hissed and stood up. I opened my eyes to see her walk back to get previous position. I just sighed and sat back on the bed as gentle as can be. There was a brief moment of silence and then.

E be like say na me dey spin next abi? “.. Wahidi spoke up. I tried not to look down at his dick again but I just couldn’t help it. The fool read hard as could be…I looked away conscious of the fact that there was no rumble in my boxers.

Wahidi proceeded to spin the bottle and it ended up picking Ibironke again. . Darn this was sure turning out to be the worse day of my life, I think. Wahidi stood and performed a dance around the room first in celebration.

What’s wrong with this one? “.. Ibironke laughed out at him. Seyi was giggling while she was smoking on her weed and I was, well I was just there as an impotent fellow. This couldn’t be happening. . No not to me.

Ok me i no get time oo.. na my dare be dis.  Seyi abeg strip and let Ibironke suck you for 10 minutes“.

What? !!!! Alarm bells went off in my head. .a 10 minutes head? The bastard was about to have a threesome right in front of me.  God please… In the book of errm I can’t remember, you said dead bones shall rise again, my dick isn’t dead but please let it rise again even if it’s just for this occasion.  I promise I would resume going to church. Seyi was still giggling as she was pulling off her panties. .

Lace Black panties. . Chei..The way she was slowly pulling it off was more than erotic and my brain knew that I was meant to be ready to fuck her lesbian or not but sadly my dick still hasn’t gotten the memo.

Ibironke stood up once again and walked towards Seyi who by now was sitting on the rug legs wide open. She was naked from the waist down and have us all a clear view of her neatly shaved pussy.

Ori iya mi o“. Wahidi whistled. Dude was in for the rest of his life and I was about to miss out. Ibironke knelt down right in front of Seyi’s open legs placing a hand on each of her thighs, they both stared at each other for a while before Seyi grabbed Ibironke by the neck and went in for a deep kiss. This wasn’t happening …I closed my eyes once again, I think I could feel tears building up, God this isn’t Bode na…it’s me Sesan. . Or are you trying to punish me for sleeping with Latifah already? Could you just postpone the punishment? I need an erection like right now!

Eyes open and now Ibironke’s head was buried between Seyi’s open thighs, Seyi’s eyes were the ones closed now as Ibironke began her dare. Obviously no one was going to look at the time. .Wahidi was as silent as a mouse beside me as we started watching the porn right in front of us.

Yes yes right there“.. Seyi moaned out softly as one of her hands went underneath her top and started fondling her boobs. Her eyes were still closed. This wasn’t funny at all. ..Considering she was a lesbian this was really her scene. Ibironke’s ass though, she had buried her head so low between Seyi’s thighs that her ass was thrown up in the air and Lord was it something…dick please rise. I couldn’t beg enough.

Seyi was moaning out loud now and had pulled off her top and bra. Her nipples standing out shiny and erect as she wet her thumb with her tongue and played with them. Her other hand shuffling all around in Ibironke’s hair. And if that wasn’t torment enough, Wahidi stood up and took position right behind Ibironke. He managed to pull off her shorts and God that ass was more massive than I could explain. He started fingering her while stroking himself. And to prepare her for what was up, he slapped her ass hard that she lifted her head off Seyi’s pussy and cried out.

Sorry oo“… Wahidi said in a not so remorseful voice as he started slapping his dick on her ass. Christ; it should be my dick doing that. I closed my eyes and recited all the prayers I could think of again. .. The Lord’s prayer, psalm 23, psalm 122. I even recited a hundred astagafullahi.. But it all seem like it was the devil who answered my prayers but when I opened my eyes Wahidi was really pounding Ibironke who couldn’t concentrate on eating out Seyi’s pussy anymore. She was moaning like a porn star as Seyi started fingering herself.

Please fuck me harder, squeeze my ass“…The way Ibironke was pleading with Wahidi had me closing my eyes again. All I could hear was the sounds of Wahidi’s hands hitting Ibironke’s ass and Seyi’s moans which were more like screaming now. Why did it have to be me tonight?

Oh Lord I am cumming, oh fuck! ”   … That was Seyi’s voice. A voice told me to go over and tongue fuck her as she was cumming but I just couldn’t bear the shame.

“FUCK! !!!”

I opened my eyes just in time to see Ibironke and Wahidi changing position. He was laying down on the rug now as she was positioning herself over his dick. She grabbed his dick and rubbed it against her pussy before slowly sinking on him. Seyi’s naked body rolled over to give them room as Ibironke began riding Wahidi with a fury I never thought possible. Seyi reached up to squeeze and kiss Ibironke’s nipples before getting up and walking to the bathroom. Ibironke positioned both hands on Wahidi’s chest and moved in a way that only her waist and ass was working on Wahidi’s dick while the idiot’s hands were all over her ass, squeezing and really patting her.

Seyi came back to the room and went ahead to wrap up another kush. She lit it up and took a long drag then passed it out to me.

At least you can smoke na“.. Was the comment that followed? The shame that engulfed me was unexplainable as I collected it from and started smoking away my sorrow.

Oh shit! ” was the sound from Ibironke as she kept on fucking Wahidi. I noticed Wahidi’s grip tightening on her ass and knew he was about to cum.. Was expecting him to pull out but he didn’t. . He held her ass down tight as he filled her with his cum.

Ori iya mi o, Chei“… Was the idiot’s grunt as he finished up. His breathing had become labored. . Ibironke giggled on him and bounced her ass on him once more before getting off and collapsing on the rug. Wahidi didn’t bother getting up as his dick began shrinking and less than five minutes later the fool was snoring. Seyi moved over to Ibironke and shared a deep kiss before cuddling each other to sleep. And me well me, I couldn’t sleep. ..I just kush and stared at the ceiling all night. Couldn’t believe all that had happened. Morning couldn’t come quick enough.

5am and I went to kick Wahidi up. Spent another thirty minutes waiting for the idiot to get back to sanity and get dressed. He then looked around and picked a bottle of vodka on the table as we left.

Wetin you take that for now“..I asked him

Souvenir noni“.. and with that we made our way out of the main building. Immediately we stepped out of the building, I stopped Wahidi.

Nobody must know wetin happen for here today o“..I told him. A bit of threat and pleading.

Ehen? You go owe me 10k b that“.. and with that he walked away.

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