Lesbian Attempt (Finale)


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I took the long route back to my hostel because I needed to clear my head. I understood how bad the situation was and that it was partially my fault; perhaps giving into Anita and having some girl on girl action wasn’t such a bad thing. Come to think of it, what’s with cultists and homosexualism? I honestly don’t get that. I decided to talk to Ade my roomie once I got back, she would definitely have a remedy to this madness that made at least a little sense.

I got to my hostel and thankfully, Ade was in. We talked at length about the situation and she told me to just lay low for a while. The next few days were spent in class and in my room and I didn’t go anywhere without company. I made sure I stayed away from lonely roads and I didn’t go out at night. I also didn’t talk to Mikey, I was still angry at him for suggesting something so absurd. A month after the episode, I was walking home with a friend when he suddenly had to run back to Maria’s place to get his wallet. Seeing as I was just a street away from my hostel and Maria’s hostel was far away, I decided to walk the rest of the way alone.

On getting to my hostel, Anita was waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting that, I thought she had forgotten about me and moved on to the next tomboy on her list; guess I was wrong. She ordered me to get in her car which I willingly did. We went to a remote part of school where they usually hold their executions (Mikey showed me on my third day here when he was my “tour guide”). What was more surprising was the fact that it was just the two of us there, I expected her goons to be there since they weren’t with her when she picked me up.

We got out of the car and she pulled a gun on me, my whole life flashed before my eyes and I realized I so wasn’t ready to die. I considered begging for forgiveness and pledging to be her slave for the rest of my school days but I wasn’t one to beg. Mikey had taught me how to take a gun from someone pointing one at me but I never had the guts to pull the trigger. However, it decided it was time to practice what I’d been taught.

I took the gun from her quite easily and threatened to pull the trigger, she tried to forcefully pull the gun from me and the gun went off. We both fell to the ground and at first I thought I shot myself, I immediately began to beg for mercy from God, I told Him I didn’t mean to shoot her and I only wanted to get the car keys so I could run away. After a few seconds of pleading, I realized I wasn’t hurt and Anita was on me, I pushed her off and sat up. I was so confused. I pushed the gun away from me and started crying. Thankfully, Mikey came out of nowhere and pulled me away from the crime scene, he pushed me into his car and told Ahmed to go. I asked why he wasn’t coming with me and all he said was “someone has to clean up your mess”.

He tapped the car and Ahmed drove off at full speed. We arrived at Mikey’s place and Mikey came in a while later. I asked him to tell me what he did to the body and he told me not to worry about that. I left his apartment in the morning and when I got back to mine, Ade told me there had been a fight between Anita’s gang and a rival gang and Anita was dead. She was so happy for me because I didn’t have to worry about her anymore. If only she knew what really happened. I turned away from her and went to sleep, I was in no mood to pretend to be happy about someone’s death.

Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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