Love Uninterrupted… Kechi & Umar (R-18+)

Love Uninterrupted… Kechi & Umar (R-18+)

She dials his number and waits patiently as the phone rings on the other end.

Kechi: Hello…Umar: My darling…Kechi: Flight is about to take off. I’ll see you soon.Umar: Hmmm… Can’t wait. I miss you. I need you.Kechi: Tell me that when you see me.Umar: Ok. I will. Have a safe trip…Kechi: Thanks baby…Umar: Je t’aime…Kechi: Moi aussi bebe…

She hangs up, smiles to herself and switches off her phone.

* * * * * * * * *

At the airport, she grabbed her cute, purple carry-all and donned her dark shades, hoping not to bump into anyone she knew. It had been six months since she’d made her first discreet trip down to Abuja and the risk of anyone she knew finding out grew as more and more people milled outside, waiting for one person or the other. She tried to feel guilty for being here. They’d promised not to meet again. They’d vowed to remain just friends. They’d said the appropriate words and tried to convince themselves that they were going to stick with it. Those words had fizzled barely two days after she’d returned to her base. The insane lust they shared had cropped back up with more intensity. It had taken them another six months to agree that they were going to be lovers forever. She was cool with it. She loved him. And she assumed his attraction to her was all the love she needed.

She saw a driver holding up a cardboard with the name KECHI boldly written on it. She smiled and made her way towards the young man. The driver smiled politely at her and opened the backseat of the car. Kechi got in and sat down, her heartbeat increasing gradually in excitement.

* * * * * * * * *

It wasn’t the same hotel they’d lodged at the first time they were together. This was a different one; smaller and more exclusive. The driver dropped her off and she sorted out the rest. The room had been paid for. She merely took her keycard and headed to there. Inside was nice, neat and smelled of vanilla. She dropped her carry-all on a small table and promptly called room service to place orders.

She’d changed into her toweling robe when room service arrived with her food. The eba looked inviting and the soup smelled divine. The Moet was chilled to perfection. She paid for the food and drink, tipped the serving boy and closed the door behind her. Tonight was going to be a long night… She needed her energy. Umar was not a man one fucked on an empty stomach. He had the power to go on and on and on… And she was ready! Her body was ready! My mind was ready! Her pussy was impatient.

The eba vanished quickly but the smell of soup clung to the air and made the room smell like a local restaurant. She killed the air conditioner and opened the windows wide to let in fresh air. She sprayed a bit of her perfume all around the room and settled down on the bed to watch AfricaMagic. He won’t be with her till eight in the evening. She had two hours to kill. With any luck, she could nap before his arrival.

* * * * * * * ** * * * *She had just run a warm bath and filled it with a generous helping of bubble bath, aromatherapy wash and a dash of scented essential oils from Bath and Body. Small candles flickered seductively, letting out their own jasmine and musk scent. The bathroom smelled heavenly and looked inviting. Kechi smiled as she sat on the toilet bowel to ease herself. When she was done, she reached for her vagina wash. She needed everything to be perfect for her Umar. He would be here any minute.

She heard a soft rap on the door and smiled broadly. He was here! She pulled the toweling robe over her naked body and padded out to open the door. He stepped in and she calmly slipped into his arms, dying for his kiss. He looked handsome as usual… his goatee tickling her face as he nuzzled her fondly.

“The love of my life…” He muttered before claiming her mouth in a kiss that held them bound together. She could feel his arousal and with a chuckle, pushed him away gently.

“I need a bath… Come with?” She asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“In a minute my love…” He replied in his soft, gentleman voice.

She returned to the bathroom, tossed off the toweling robe and sank into the bath to soak, closing her eyes with a sigh. She heard him talking, probably taking a call… speaking in Hausa. He sounded amused and totally at ease. She couldn’t tell if he was talking to a man or woman. The conversation went on for a long while, his voice soothing and soft, helped her drift off to daydream land. When he eventually joined her in the bathroom, she wasn’t aware. A light tap made her eyes flutter open just as he handed a glass of champagne. He was stark naked and beautiful and she couldn’t stop looking at him. His cock was limp and ‘unaroused’ but she knew she could fix that. She sat up to make space for him in the bathtub and sipped her champagne as she watched him sink into the water with a smile.

“Come here…” He ordered

She smiled and joined him on his side of the tub. Sitting with her back to him, she let out a soft moan as his soapy hands circled and pulled her close till his penis rubbed against the soft skin of her buttocks. She rested her head on his shoulder and sipped her champagne.

“Better?” He asked, amused.

“Much better baby… Thanks.” She replied.

They stayed that way, not talking, just enjoying the warmth of each other’s body. He lazily scooped water in his palms and poured it over her shoulders before caressing and massaging her arms lightly. He cupped her breasts and kissed her neck, enjoying the smell and feel of her skin. Then, he ran his tongue from the nape down to her shoulders and chuckled as she shivered in delight. He kissed her ears, playing with her lobes while teasing her nipples under the warm water. She could feel his arousal grow. She ran her hands up and down his thighs to excite him.

“I love you so much Kechi.” He whispered in her ear as one hand squeezed her breast and the other slid down between her thighs.

She spread her legs open slightly and sighed as his fingers located her clit and began to caress it. She moaned and turned to look at him, hoping for a kiss. He stared at her face intently, watching her gasp, his fingers wrecking havoc on her wet, slippery pussy. She tried to kiss him but he pulled back, his eyes glazed over with need as he continued teasing her little southern bud. She reached behind her and grabbed his penis, a satisfied moan leaving her as his mouth opened in surprised pleasure. Then he kissed her… Hard… Forcefully… Needy… When they broke apart, his voice was barely recognizable.

“Mon coeur ne bat que pour toi” he whispered hoarsely.

“Je t’aime tellement que c’est dur de me concentrer sur autre chose que toi…” She replied breathlessly.

“I just want to be inside you and explode.” He said.

“Je veux te baiser!” She told him and got up.

The both left the tub, slippery and dripping suds all over the tiled floor. As they entered the bedroom, the air conditioner, which she’d turned off earlier, had been turned on. It’s icy blast chilled them both instantly. They got under the duvet to keep warm and he pulled her close, kissing her till she was numb and mindless with need. Then, he rolled atop her, spread her legs apart and stared into her eyes, letting her see his feelings for her glistening therein.

“I love you Umar.” She murmured with feeling.

“Good! Because you’re mine and that’s not ever gonna change.”

Then he thrust in… Swift and deep. Her eyes widened in shock, quickly followed by pleasure. Her gasp was soft and it made him shudder.

“Umar… No condom… We agreed you’d use condoms.” She said.

He said nothing. He just kept thrusting, staring at her face and watched the initial worry melt away to be replaced by dark need and undiluted lust. The lust in her eyes drove him mad. He thrust faster, pounding her hungrily, needing every inch of him to be buried deep inside her. She screamed out in pleasure and grabbed his shoulders, pushing up her pelvis to receive him. He was going to cum… he knew he couldn’t hold back. He leaned on her slightly, grabbed her buttocks and pushed into her so deep, she cried out in pleasure and pain. Then he exploded, groaning as his seed pushed out in spurts. She jerked and twisted as orgasm washed over her.

* * * * * * * * *

She returned from the bathroom, fresh and glowing. She’d washed out every last trace of his sperm inside her. At least she hoped she had. He was seated on the bed, drinking water, the duvet covering him from waist down. She poured herself another glass of champagne and joined him.

“Are you all washed and clean?” He asked with a mischievous smile.

“Considering the amount of cum you pumped into me, I hope so…” She replied with a smile and sipped her drink. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were trying to get me pregnant.”

He smiled then.. that mischievous smile that drove her wild. He finished the water and dropped the glass on the side table beside the bed then sank into the duvet and disappeared from her sight. Her smile broadened when she felt his breath on her thighs. He pushed her legs apart and buried his head in her crotch. She stilled as his tongue made impact and clenched tight when it tried to delve into her. Her breathing became short and fast as he spread her legs wider and tried to get comfortable enough to kiss and suck on her clit. Writhing erotically, she let the wineglass and what was left of the drink in it slip from her fingers, losing the glass between rumpled sheet… her head swimming with the pleasure shooting up from her pussy.

Her whimpers of pleasure encouraged him and he continued to eat her out till he felt the tremor in her legs. He wanted her to cum in his mouth. Though she wasn’t a squirter, he craved for the taste of her as she orgasmed. Lifting his head to gaze at her panting, moaning form, he stuck two fingers into her pussy and twisted them in before thrusting in and out. She grabbed the duvet and screamed aloud.“I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cuuummm…. OhGodOhGodOhGod….” She moaned and began to jerk crazily as he fastened his mouth over her pussy and sucked on it madly. His arms held down her waist as she trashed about. Her orgasm left her a shaky, trembling mess and when he finally lifted his head, she lay still, like a limp, rag doll. He smiled and kissed her, unperturbed by her weak response. He wanted her to taste herself off his lips and was rewarded when she licked her lips and smiled. He lay beside her, stroking his stiff penis gently, his eyes dreamy. When she was able to gather herself, she turned to him and reached to touch his chest.

“You should rest a bit…” He said gently.

“I am resting. I just want to watch you stroke yourself. Get that damned duvet off.” She told him.

He chuckled and yanked the duvet off and she watched him stroke his penis lazily, fascinated by the movement of his hand. His beautiful hands that knew just how to tweak her body to submission. While one hand stroked his penis, his other hand caressed her left nipple till it bunched into a tight little bud. He groaned softly as she took his fingers, one after the other, into her mouth. His eyes narrowed dangerously and his strokes got faster. He looked so sexy, the heat between her thighs turned to moistness. She shifted position till she hovered above him.

She kissed him before moving her lips to his nipple. He groaned and reached for her breast, while stroking himself fast. She gazed her teeth on his flat nipple, kissing and twirling her tongue around it before sucking it. His hands became more urgent so she gently pushed them away from her breasts and slid lower down his body, leaving a trail of kisses from his chest down to his navel. He gasped as her tongue dipped into his navel and his waist did a little seductive twist. Glad she was driving him crazy, she slid lower yet till her lips touched his penis. She looked at him with a mischievous glint and found that he was looking down at her. Without taking her eyes off him, she covered him with her mouth and watched him groan and throw his head back.

She sucked the tip of his penis, twirling her tongue around the cap teasingly before taking more and more of him into her mouth. His groan was motivation enough for her to keep going. He reached for her head and grabbed a fistful of weave as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth before pulling out. He repeated the process several times, fucking her mouth and almost making her gag with his deep thrusts. When he pulled out, she dipped lower, licking his balls and taking them into her mouth to suck on them gently. He groaned and muttered something inaudible. Still, she dipped lower and pushed one of his legs up to expose his butt hole. She looked up at him and saw his eyes widen as realization of what she was about to do hit him.

* * * * * BREAK IN TRANSMISSION * * * * *

She raised herself up and leaned forward to kiss and straddle him at the same time. As their lips touched, she sank down and took him in till his full length was buried inside her. Grabbing her waist, he let her ride at her own pace, watching in fascination as her waist moved at a speed he didn’t think was possible. He’d only seen waist movement like that in Jamaican women and even at that, he’d been amazed. The first time they’d fucked, he’d done all the work. Now, she was an entirely new revelation. He pushed into her from beneath, not wanting her to do all the work. She leaned on him and he took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it furiously as she rode him. She began to whimper and he knew she would cum soon. He pulled out of her and told her to go on all fours with her back to him. He needed to fuck her from behind. She obliged without protest and screamed as he pushed into her savagely.

Umar began to ram her hard from behind, watching her ass jiggle with every impact it made with his pelvis. He held her waist down and fucked her so fast she began to scream aloud in pleasure. Her screams sent a zap through him and drew out his orgasm with a force that made him groan so loud, one would think he was in severe pain. He exploded inside her, his groans mixing with her cries of pleasure. Exhausted, they both fell on the bed, breathing hard… their mouths parched with thirst.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cuddled close under the duvet, Kechi yawned and kissed Umar briefly. He kissed her back, holding her tight and possessively.

“Sans toi, je suis perdue… Tu es tout pour moi Kechi.” He murmured into her ear.“Bonsoir mon amour…” She murmured back.

As he listened to her drift off to sleep, her breathing slowing down to a calm, gentle beat, he smiled. His last thought before succumbing to sleep was…

“I’m never going to stop loving her.”


Image source: Artwork by @jbwashingtonart on InstagramWritten by Dame Twitter –

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  1. Hi Elsieisy,What a surprise to be here again, It’s really upsetting to see such porn story on your esteemed site!So sorry to note this, it really fit into a porn site!So sad. I know sex sells! But I am sure and believe that this is unfit for this page!Good daySeason’s greetings.-Philip

  2. To the comment below or above, that said this is a porn story don’t be so uptight. Back to the story that was hot. Kechi just experience the best sex of her life. Secret sex is the best sex.part 2 she will be pregnant and he has a wife lol

  3. Hello elsieisy , I laaaaav this story…and to those who are complaining, please don’t be an sure you have sex so don’t act like the story is corrupting you. we are adults here! I for one has been celibate for a year now and exotic stories like this keeps me going. So please let’s talk about sex,its pg 18. So if u’re below that age, u shouldn’t be here. Thank u

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