Me saying life has not been fair to me sure sounds wrong and wrong it is literally. But has it been fair really?Here I am, still very happy, good sense of humor, doing my best to put smiles on the faces of people around me in the very little way I can, basically NOT WORRYING. Will be a year older in less than a month , 13th of April to be precise and I have so many things going through my head already.

From “I’m an Aries baby *yaay*” to “wow, I’m this old already” to “God I’m grateful, making it to this day and time is not my making. My being alive is a miracle (that’s a long story)” to “I didn’t expect to still be a student at this age” to ” I don’t need to celebrate this year, nothing special but I’m sure thankful” too “ooops I’m still single, :O how did that happen?”

To “God I need more miracles and some serious divine appointments” and it goes on and on and on.I was born into a family that had it all. Till things started happening, or better still, Life started happening. I was sad at some point, I was heartbroken, I was jealous of other peeps whom I thought had it all….you know what they say about being very comfortable and suddenly so uncomfortable? Yeah….that’s it. But it got to a point in my life when I realized that there’s much more to life than meet the ordinary eyes, more than material things, more than things going the way you planned them.Thanks to my Pastor, I realized we all have our divine purpose in life, each and every one of us are planted here for a reason, nothing happens for nothing, nothing happens by chance and the way and manner God executes his plans in our lives differs.I realized that every road to the throne isn’t easy but its worth it if we endure, remain focused, calm and calculated, and above all believe God, His words and trust his Judgments.After realizing all this, I found this inner peace and Joy in me. I stopped worrying. I’m human, I still do worry, but not as much as I used to. The God I serve and believe in makes a way where there seems to be no way, He doesn’t mix his strength with our strength rather he manifest his strength in our weakness.So I have this short message for you all.He has always been by your side and will be there when you tell him “Take the wheel LORD”One of the special Key to happiness is contentment. Be grateful, , Love, be loved, live life, be free spirited, make people happy, help people you can to achieve their dreams, and live each day like its your last. You might not have money, yes, but everything isn’t about money. Your smile, love, care, words, acceptance, appreciation, those little things go a long way to make someone smile for the rest of the day and even inspire them to do more.You feel you are going through the worst situation anyone could ever go through, but trust me when I say you will dance naked to praise God when you hear what someone else is going through someone.No one has it easy. No one. We burn somewhere, somehow. You just don’t know. No matter what or who you think you are, Someone somewhere wants to be like you. You are someone’s or some people’s last hope, therefore you cannot afford to fail. Your failure means they might fail. So be strong for you, be strong for them. Slow and steady. Slowly but surely. You will be fine. We will be fine. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up the awesome you to self pity. There are also people out there that can wait to see you fail. Don’t give them that pleasure. DON’T!I love you 🙂

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  1. Yes, life… She slaps you around a bit but then you look around and there’s always someone who has it worse than you and is still able to praise God. I think one if the most valuable lessons I learned as I grew older was never to compare myself with anyone, whether I thought they were better or worse off, I just have to be sure that at any time I’m giving my best. And that had been the source of great peace and contentment. \nVery encouraging piece, luv. Thanx.

  2. Wow! I rily dunno how or why buh this almost made me cry*Sobs*. Thank You hun :* This is so inspirational.

  3. Nice write up. Elsie I am impressed seeing all these comment by other readers. \nGood idea, but I must give you a frank review of ths.\n1. I think it a good. Idea to encourage the frail and put smile again on poeple’ face.\n2 I was engrossed in your silver spoon story but at some point you cut it off. You should have gone deeper.\n3. Though you’ve tried your possible best proof-reading it, there still exist some errors.\n4. I would like to see you publish some of your write up someday.\n\nIncase, you are wondering why all this and who sent me …lol. The writer has been a long time friend, since sec. School. I promised to read and comment on her write and here I am fufilling it.\n\nCheers.\n@gbengalite\nPls ff

  4. Wow nice one dearie, i pray God would put smile on our faces and we would all have reasons to be praising him always ,don’t worry I won’t forget ur birthday

  5. Wow, very interesting piece. This is lovely.. Love the part where u talked about the transition from being comfortable to being uncomfortable…and yet focusing on the positives. Thats what i always preach. Twas a great read.\nP.S – Happy Birthday in Advance….and may some if not all ur wishes be granted before then IJN.

  6. Very applies 2every1 at some-point…Nice! smfn similar too…u might wanna

  7. Okay. So I can’t find my comment. \n\nHow embarrassing.\n\nI don’t mind repeating myself. \n\nThe thing that makes me stop and think about life most is the people in it. We have all these things we need right there – but we spoil everything by being selfish and unkind and uncaring and insensitive…and then we bitch when we reap what we sowed.\n\nLife ‘just happens’, dear. It’s what we make of it that matters the most.\n\nWell done, dear.

  8. Thats touching, also inspiring….we love you too ****hugs***.. I hope my madam doesn’t see that

  9. Elsie I am not into blogs but for some reason I loved yours… keep being you I love you. How old are you? I want to make a request if you get more than 5 cakes for that day pls donate some to me cos my birthday is 17 days after yours. Have a blast

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