Ten Tips For Better Relationships

Ten Tips For Better Relationships - elsieisy blog

Relationships are the tapestry of our life, the warp and weft of color, texture and patterns. How do we make them easier, more fulfilling and kinder, even at the very basic level of day to day interactions with family, friends, or the cashier at the gas station? It’s complex concept, but here are some simple steps that can help along the way:

  1. Know your value system, what’s important to you in your everyday interactions

  1. Let every interaction be positioned to help the other person feel good for the day — starting with a smile in your eyes to let them know you appreciate them.
  2. Be aware of your voice tone — sometimes the most innocuous comment can come off sounding terse or unfriendly.
  3. Be aware of your body language — learn to use body language as friendly or choosing to close the communication.
  4.  Technology can be brilliant — but rarely for relationship building.

6.  Texting doesn’t work for important relationship communication — it might be sender friendly, but it has no shades of communication connection — truly black and white

7.  If you want to make someone feel valued, stop what you’re doing for a moment, look up, look them in the eyes, and smile. (I tell this to couples all the time who feel taken for granted).

8. Tell your close relationships, what type of communication you prefer and when. Phone call? A pop in to say hi? Texts? E mails?

9.  Announcing an important life event on Facebook, Instagram or twitter isn’t warm and cosy to those people who expect to be warm and cosy with you.

10. Be kind to yourself, the most important relationship you have, is with yourself first … and spread that kindness around. You’ll make the world a better place, and have joy doing it!

by Georgina Cannon

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