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Finally, we can come to the end of an almost disappointing season of this series and it seemed to come alive in it closing scenes, we are both sad and happy to see it end.

We are taken six minutes back to see Jacob confess that he wanted nothing but to do away with Michael. She tells Gogh the truth about the death of Gaines and he seems convinced and confronts A&W about finding out the truth, she shoots him and it’s his blood that stained the glass window. Sara gets herself free and knocks out A&W but arrive too late as Jacob picks Mike and they find Linc injured in the car. They rush him to the hospital and get him stabilized.

T-Bag and Martin do their father and son thing on a drive to meet Michael and Sara.

Jacob brainwashes Mike into thinking Sara was dead and tells him that his father, Michael, was a bad person trying to hurt them, he takes him to his secret office at the University.

Michael discloses that he always had a plan to bring Poseidon down, he calls Jacob and Mike interrupts the conversation by screaming at Michael to stay away from his “dad”.

Jacob thinking Michael headed for the zoo as was his habit, trails him to the zoo, leaving his secret office back at the University and leaves Michael the chance to open the door by using the facial features of Jacob he had tattooed behind his hand, (it was behind the eyes tattooed on his palm), to unlock it. Then he pulls his hard drive and arranges for a meeting with him to cut a deal.

Sara trying to check on Linc who already left to have a showdown with Luca Abruzzi and gets him arrested by the FBI meets with Gogh who is fatally injured and he tells her where Jacob likely took Mike, in exchange for letting him die.

T-Bag and Martin meet Blue Hawaii who specializes in recreation of certain scenes like he was found recreating the moment JFK was shot by rebuilding everything down to detail.

Michael and Jacob meet face to face and he pulls a gun on Jacob, which he collects after A&W shows up with a gun, she then shoots Whip in the arm and he tries to take on Emily but she kills him. The FBI that Jacob called were closing in on them and Michael leads Jacob away and as they are distracted by the agents, T-Bag kills Emily by snapping her neck and he is apprehended.

Sara and Linc retrieve Mike who was kept at Theroux’s and as soon as they inform Michael, a frustrated Jacob chases him with the agents at their heels, he shoots Michael just as he runs into an exact replica of the scene where he had killed Gaines, complete with the front of the cabin and even the jacket he was killed in. It turns out that the gun he collected from Michael was a blank. Then it turns out it was even staged in the back of a truck that Blue Hawaii drives away, they engage in a fight and are both taken by the agents. Jacob seems to be let go by the FBI but the CIA show up and arrest him because they found blood evidence in his office at the University.

The director clears his name but Michael requests that Jacob be put in the same cell as T-Bag back at Fox River prison instead of taking their job offer. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Mike and Sheba share some good moments in a park.

The season ends with T-Bag assaulting Jacob in their cell to the delight of other inmates.

PS: But how was Michael sure Jacob would use his particular gun on him and not some other one? Blue Hawaii was badass please.


PS of PS: I really wished Sucre and maybe Lincoln Burrows would have been killed in this season, but of course, lack of balls is some serious issue in the working of this series.

by Obinna Jones

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