2017 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival – Call For Submission

2018 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival - Call For Submission

Sincerely, I am still in awe at how the year 2017 is already ending. The previous edition of our Blog Festival seems like just yesterday. I am of the opinion that time flies faster as we grow older. You know, you have gotten to that point in life where you set goals and targets which in turn makes you very conscious of how much time you have to achieve these goals. I, however, do hope that we can find settlement and contentment where we are right now and not let go of hope, struggle and the dream.

#Blogfest is a yearly celebration of every beautiful piece that has ever been put together by anyone out there who have been courageous enough to share their works with someone on blogs

Blog festival is here again – #BlogFest2017. This is how we celebrate literal finesse at the end of every year. This year marks the fourth edition of ELSiEiSY blog festival and I can’t wait to see what our minds would achieve with words this year. Though the Blog Festival goes on live, here on ELSiEiSY blog, you do not want to miss the experience of having different awesome literary works to share and read.

2016 Blog festival was graced by writers and bloggers from different parts of the world, sharing their opinion, creativity and works. This year will not be different. 2017 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival will as usual, be celebrated with contributions from great bloggers/story writers/authors/poets. Without your submissions, there won’t be a blog fest.

I encourage you to join ELSiEiSY Blog Festival for the love of writing and outreach, to make a mark, market yourself, give tips on your profession, catch trips or just for plain humor/ sarcasm. Be rest assure that your submission will be reaching the right and willing audience.

I also do assure you that if for any reason you want to make a blogging mark, this is a great start. Over the years, bloggers have gotten traffic and redirects from participating in the blog festival.

How to participate in 2017 #Blogfest

  1. Send your properly edited work to email@elsieisy.com or  elsieisy@gmail.com on or before 27th of November
  2. Each Writer/blogger is entitled to sending in just two posts. Each piece must have a minimum of 500 words (200words for poems).
  3. Fiction, non-fiction, opinion, poetry, fantasy fiction, horror, erotic stories…all genres are welcome.
  1. Do include your name, a short bio (not more than 100 words) and blog link (if you have a blog)
  1. Kindly title your email – Blog Festival or indicate in your submission. We receive different emails and submissions daily. We do not want to use your blog festival submission as just another published awesome work
  1. And be willing to create time to follow the Blog festival, drop comments and share

Remember, it cannot be a festival without you. Share this with every beautiful writer/blogger out there. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate.

PS : ELSiEiSY reserves the right to accept or reject an entry.

To read posts from previous blog festivals, click HERE

For more details, send an email to elsieisy@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Elsie
    What a joy to be here again.
    Thanks for the invite, though I may not be part of it will surely watch and share my views
    Keep coming
    Keep sharing
    Wish all the participants a great time ahead.
    ~ Philip

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