Sugar Love

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By Elizabeth Joshua.Save me a seat, on the couch, near an ocean,We can watch the horizon, and on my back, apply love lotion. Dance me some John Legend or Ellie Goulding,Buy me diamonds, crystals, even gold. Love me carelessly, dangerously, that ‘fire’ kind,Sweep me off with a crafted card. Let us kiss till the morning break,Some sweet loving, we should make. Let me be your light, you will never fall,I will be your wonder woman when I hear your call. Honey, this kind of love is saccharine,But diabetes I’ll fight and win. For you.For you; your heart, I’ll plan a coup. Let the symbol on our fingers signify the union,But our heart will do the act in billions. Baby, Let us fly together,into the firmament, with all the fortitude we can gather. It’s our honeymoon but the moon is void of mel,So let us celebrate our ‘us’  here, where the world can tell.

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