Regaining Consciousness

Regaining Consciousness - elsieisy blog

by Makinde Tobi.First we divide ourselvescreate groups and put a label on themmake ourselves outsiders to each otherstereotyping, making ourselves feel differentwe set standards, fit in or get outcast’dhierarchy becomes the order of the daysuperiority and inferiority sets ingroups trying to outdo each othertearing down each other in the processthe plotting and scheming leading to hatingall because we saw a difference in ourselvesin form of skin colour, religion, beliefs, appearanceforgetting the only difference is thegood or bad we choose to doand so years after the abolition of slaveswe are still slaves to the system of divisionknowing  no freedom, until we start seeingeach other as the same, as one in lovewhere the love for ourselves and othersbe our guide on how we treat each other.

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