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When suspicions and questions starts to creep in, love may at a point reach breaking point.

What exactly does this lady think she’s doing?

Is June or whatever her name is, trying to break Believe and Titi’s relationship?

If she just happen to run into Titi as they both innocently claimed, what kind of bastard is coincidence then?

Or is she just trying to get payback for what Dave did to her and how he treated her?…

Never underestimate the extent to which a broken hearted woman can go to quench her thirst for revenge.


“Howfar Jay. Its Doc”

“Haha!… Doctor FM. Howfar my guy?”

“Nothing much bro. Calling from the office. Are u ok?… You haven’t done much on your forum recently. Then I’m trying to comment on a recent thread and I’m having difficulty doing that…”

“Yea man. First off, I’ve been very very busy. I need to make an apologetic post sef. Twenty-four hours isn’t enough to make a day. I’ve made some new posts though. Then about the comment, I don’t know jor. Find a way around it or will you call Seun Osewa if you’re having problems with Nairaland?”

“Typical Jay. Typical!…Screw you man!”

“Hehe… You’re welcome! Have a nice day”

And that call brought to my memory, the fact that we’ve locked this very guy out of any and indication of what was happening with ‘Believe’, his confessions and our resolutions. That in itself could be the key to avoid a more intense drama than what went down at The Stepp Inn.

“Oh well” I said as I shrugged off the thought, replacing it with another.

The Fairy’s Touch is one of the fast rising saloon and spa on Lagos Island, precisely Lekki. Not only did they have very pocket friendly prices, they had also mastered the importance of first impressions and customers were flocking in on daily basis but this particular weekend, the much loved beauty house would play a vital role in aligning an inevitable future drama. Waiting customers sat with their slot tag in their possession, eagerly waiting for the vacancy of the seat their slot fell into. Some were busy with their phones while they waited, some skimmed through the pages of various magazines, some just sat staring and admiring the craftiness of the hairdressers.

A lady sat, staring down with all seriousness at the screen of her phone, seeming oblivious of what was happening around her. Thanks to the way the beauty house ran their business, once its your turn, you’ll be called upon since the numbers were on the tag.

“Oh my gosh! Is that scandal?” The lady sitting beside her shouted, nudging her arm a little.

“Yes. Third season. Why?” She replied with a straight voice and a little frown to show displeasure at the interruption.

“I apologize if I broke your flow. I so much love this show. You just can’t but love Olivia Pope. That lady is a monumental feminist. Please you have to give me your download link. My download site is yet to upload season three”

“Ok, anytime you’re ready” she replied with what looked like a forced smile.

“Thanks so much. By the way, I’m June”

“I’m Titi. Nice meeting you June”

And that was the start of the conversation that led from tv series and exchange of download sites to job comparisons, women and choices of hair to exchange of numbers.

“I’m only in Lagos for a short while; though it’s in preparation for my transfer here. I might use your help when looking for a place to settle. I’ll prefer anywhere on the island though”

“No problem. I even have a few agent friends. I’m sure helping out would be nothing more than a few phone calls”


After the long asymmetrical and nervous conversation at the bar, in which most of the times I was just called upon to chip in my own opinion, and getting to realize that match making I and June was why Titi had been calling to say she wanted to see me, I didn’t know whether to feel relieved that the cat was still intact in the bag or to panic cos of the potential drama that would unfold if it was ever to be let out.

“I have to warn Dave. I can’t put sentiments before friendship. I have to scream ‘INCOMING!’ to his ears and jerk him off his persistent slow decision making process” I thought to myself.

“Pay attention to the people you watch. Pay more attention to the people that watches you”

“No way!… Are you sure that is the picture of the person you saw?” Dave asked me, sounding very terrified.

“Ha!… That’s the exact same face. You even have her pix on your phone…”

“No!… I’m not that stupid. I just saved that off facebook now to send it to you for confirmation”

“Ok. You need to act fast man. This is really shaping up to end badly. This is why I hate coincidences. Its such a b*tch”

“This is not good Jay. Believe me!… Not good and not fair!… Can’t a man make a small mistake and get away with it? Huh?! Must life make a joke out of the smallest of one’s predicaments?… Must a web be spurned to entangle one to his cross?”

“This isn’t the time for questions. This is the time for action. Cut yourself loose from that web before the day of crucifixion. A word is enough for the wise and don’t say I never warned you”

“Thanks bro. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do right?”

“Yea. Right”

Dave decided to break the news to Titi on the morrow, saturday at Silverbird Galleria after seeing “Winter’s Tale” and put an end to the whole drama. I wonder what called for the whole ceremony though, it wasn’t as if you were going to break the news of your promotion or winning a life changing stake. I’ll rather news like that be broken in private. Best place of choice for me, the same kind of place where the screw up happened – The Bedroom. To give room for a makeup make-out or humping.

Dave called Titi to ask of the possibility of them hanging out the next day. “Not likely” was the response and the reason was this and that appointments. After much persuasion and stating that it was very important, she decided to cancel all of them to hang out.

“If I can’t terminate my appointments because of you, then who will I terminate them for?” She said and Dave could taste the distaste in his mouth. They fixed the time and Dave got about his business.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I just want to tell you that I messed up. I slept with June. My ex girlfriend from uni days” Dave stood for a minute, looked down and shook his head. “No. No. No… That’s too blunt. Baby, I screwed up. The reason I’ve been behaving strangely of late is that I had an affair with my ex from uni days. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again… I think that’s better” he said as the glass of water hit the tip of his lips.

Twenty minutes later Dave’s phone rang and he jerked up to realize he had slept off in his office.

“Hi Dave”

“What do you want?”

“What do I want?… You were never like this a couple of weeks ago before I came to lag. You were all excited and even said it would be ‘2 weeks of fun’. If what happened was a mistake, you don’t have to tie me to a stake for it. After all I didn’t rape you. I’m even the one who’s supposed to be behaving somehow. So be mature and take it easy with the attitude”

“Ok. Ok. How can I help you?”

“I need to see you. There’s something I need to tell you”

“I’m listening”

“I won’t tell you I want to see you if it was something I could say over the phone”

“Forget about it if you can’t say it over the phone then” Dave snapped back.

“Trust me you wanna know. You just don’t know yet”

Dave blinked twice, removed the phone from his ear and stared at it for two seconds like something was supposed to pop out of the screen then returned it.

“Ok. Hope no problem”. He sounded calmer than he was earlier.

“That depends” June replied “Just fix a time you’ll be available. Tomorrow?”

“No. I’m seeing my fiancée tomorrow. I’ll find time next week”

“Aiit. Cool. Later!”.

Dave slowly put the phone on the table, let out a very deep frustrated sigh, sat back in his chair and chewed on his left thumb nail.

Dave’s phone rang again.

“What the hell is this girl’s problem?” He said, lifting the gold panel iphone 5s to his left ear.


“Believe!… Howfar guy?”

“Huhn Doc… Ermm… I dey”. He knew straightaway it was Doc FM. He was the only one that confidently calls his nickname anywhere anytime.

“Are you alright?… You sound like you just finished the 5th round”

“I’m fine. Just kind of busy. That’s all”

“Believe. I heard something and I need to know if its true. I need you to be very very honest with me. Can you do that?”

Dave sat up in his chair, stretched the remote to decrease the temperature of the AC.

“Yes Doc. I’m all ears”

“Don’t ask me who I heard it from. I’ll tell you myself when its time”

“Talk Doc, no suspense please. Forget about who told you. Just tell me what you heard”

“I guess now you know. So is it true?”

A drop of sweat hit the file on the table. Dave’s body system was not acknowledging the temperature of the room in the slightest.

Doctor FM was the last person that should know about this whole June issue.

“Is what true?”

“You just gave your word to be honest Dave…”

“Talk to me Doc. You have to come plain first”

“I heard you’re breaking up with Titi ‘cos you caught her cheating”

‘Every act of Betrayal comes with a price we all can’t pay’

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  1. While he is killing himself she also has her own skeleton in her cupboard. Na wa o!

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