End Of the Tunnel

End Of the Tunnel - elsieisy blog

 by Olapade Temitope

The rivers flow so wildClimbing and crumbling bridges,Our heart got sinkingPraying it shouldn’t bruise our buildings,The down-pour is breath-takingNaked shadows we thought we’ll be chasing,At revelation of it, we got  a beautiful beach.The iron man beats tirelesslyThe pain and agony is unbearable,We call it churlish, we were intertwinedUnable to fathom his cruelty towards his norm,The bending of the rods, coronation of the handlesAdding of the cutter, effort not to be blunterThe finish touch provide the shining blades.The tunnel was so dark and fearfulOccurrences becomes  terrible,Running helter-skelterHoping for the sins to be forgiven,Ambiguity envelopes the mindDesperation, devastation and discouragementBecomes an accommodation,The assurance provided by this little exhortationThe relieve it brought is beyond imaginationGladness fill our brims,Tanks To the Oldest SpiritThe icarus of my soul in the arms of Morpheus,The genesis and revelation of our breathWe rejoice overtime, cause the new constitution is differThe tribulation try to put asunderBut it’s a done deal by the messiah,In conclusion we are here with the testimonies.

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