To Steal Or Not To Steal Bae?

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“When it comes to the issue of securing our romantic partners, animals have a lot to teach us, most importantly, that it is a competitive sport. But has humans with emotions and the sentiments they come with, we have tried to draft social contracts to let us protect what is ours, or at least what we consider ours. One of these contracts is the one that brands people that ‘steal’ other people’s partner home-wreckers. It is almost as if we compete furiously until someone has their foot in the door. At this point we are all expected to respect the winners and stay away from their prize.

Unfortunately, ideal partners aren’t exactly in abundance and time to find them is also often quite limited. In a world of zero competition, no social consequence of being without a partner, and humans with a natural sense of altruism, there will be no need to attempt competing with people already taken in relationships. But until then, I’m afraid it remains a dog eat dog world.

Lastly, it is important to note that going after people committed institutionally in marriage remains a matter of principle. In a world where we are starting to question even the relevance of marriage, especially with it bringing untold amounts of happiness, we would all have to adopt our own sense of morality to how to act. But however you look at it; leaving the option open to steal other people’s partners serves not only as a test of our commitment in relationships, but also as a booster to encourage our partners not to get relaxed on the job.”


The above is a statement by William Moore and he strongly believes there is nothing wrong in stealing someone’s bae.

My people, I really don’t know where I stand o…I mean, i used to stand with the fact that consciously stealing a person’s man or woman is wicked but i don’t know again.

Maybe after listening to my guest – William Moore spit his truth tonight on my radio program – ‪#‎Cruxofthematterwithelsie‬ then I will decide.

Lets talk BAE SNATCHING! Right or wrong?

Do you think your bae can be snatched?

Share your opinion in the comment section and it will be read live on the show.

Join us on radio tonight by 9pm (WAT)Radio link – can join the conversation by calling or sending an sms to 076 163 9761


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  1. Matt, another wonderful article. I am very thankful we all rode together, and experienced the entire few hours of LOVE. Yes there was crazy anti protestors, but for the most part, we won the day, with one man who crossed over. I really wish we had stopped and spent some time talking to him. I will do my best to track him down, I know he was interviewed by a few people with cameras.Peace Love Happiness! to everyone in our community, and beyond ! Tor

  2. I wouldn’t rate this quite as highly as you, but I would agree that it is one of the better takes on the robot/human interaction stories out there.I would also love to see more episodes, although at this point that doesn’t seem likely. The shows that seem to get more content or a reboot (like Hunter x Hunter or Inuyasha) are much more popular than Time of Eve. But I’ll definitely watch Patema Inverted and see how that is.

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