Decanter Of Memories – 19


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When Ari and I got back to Amei, the royal family was so happy. They were warm towards me. I did not expect it, Ari seemed to have changed but that didn’t reduce my feelings for Mason. After two weeks, Ari went back to being a jerk. Mona was assigned Ari’s younger sister, this was her punishment for helping me escape and it was Prince Ari’s handiwork. Three weeks after my return, Mona brought me a visitor. I was furious because it was Aarun.

            “What do you want? You evil child.”

            “Can we talk your highness?” He asked

            “Mona why did you bring Aarun back? I thought I made it quite clear the last time.”

Mona had a worried look on her face; she didn’t want me getting mad at her. “He pleaded with me and I could not refuse him.”

I looked at the visitor, he looked so much like Aarun but his character was different

             “My name is Aaro and I am the twin brother of Aarun.”

             “Where is your twin brother?” I asked.

             “I came here about a month ago but I was told you were not around. I decided to check back today.”

              I looked intently at Aaro and I smiled, I whispered to Mona to get me a dagger. When she brought it, I threatened to kill Aaro with it and he begged for his life.

              “Don’t kill me please, pity my parents. They have suffered a lot.”

He even started crying; I lowered the dagger and sat.

             “I came here because something tells me you can help me. I am supposed to die on my 16th birthday.”

             “Then die.” I snapped.

             “I don’t want to, my spirit companions know this and they are doing everything to ruin me. I want to be free.”

He showed me the tattoo at his back, it was an olive branch.

               “The fourth time Aarun and I came back, mother tattooed our backs. The olive branch symbolizes peace, our mother tried to broker peace. I do not want to pass through that gateway again. It is so painful.”

               “Do you understand what you have just told me?” I asked.

               “Yes, I am ready to fight, I am ready to turn my back on Aarun and my spirit companions and I am ready to put a smile on mother’s face.”

               “Are you ready to give up all your ties? Are you ready to abandon the spirit world?”

               Aaro said that leaving the spirit world behind would be very hurtful because the spirit world was so beautiful. He talked about Rainbows, crystal clear rivers and Auroras.

              “I am scared of the monarch.” he said.

              “Who is the monarch?” I asked.

              “A very powerful spirit who is our ruler, his eyes glow like fire, you don’t want to upset him.”

              “Where are your earthly treasures?” I asked.

              “They are buried in the island at the east.”

He was silent for a while before he continued talking. “Your highness, your future is not here. You are only here on a sojourn. The answers you seek are nearer than you could ever imagine. You shall soon find what you seek. Just be brave.”

               Aaro left but he promised to come back the next day. I told him to visit anytime. He came back four days after looking so sad.

              “I have been shuffling between the spirit world and our world. My spirit companions won’t let me be. That’s why I did not come four days ago as I had promised. I was asleep four days ago when a voice woke me. The voice was like that of my mother’s. The voice portrayed distress but when I ran out to look for my mother, I saw a masquerade and it grabbed me when I tried to run inside the house. The masquerade began flogging me.”

               “I am so sorry; you have to keep fighting because nothing good comes easy.” I replied, patting his back.

               “Three days ago, they led me to the island at the east. They song beautifully, their voices were so sonorous. The next I noticed, I found myself beside a lion’s den. I was saved by a hunter. I am scared that they would succeed in trapping me in the spirit world.”

I tried to cheer him up but my efforts were futile, he was sad and there was nothing I could do. “I will help you Aaro but promise you won’t keep things away from me. I need you to trust me.” I said.

            “I trust you your highness. Something tells me that you can help me. I should be on my way now, thank you for believing in me.” He replied.

             Few hours after he left, Mason visited; I was more than shocked to see him. When I asked him how he got to my room he told me he used one of Tena’s portals.

            “Your eyes are laced with sadness.” he said “the bastard is mistreating you?”

I only nodded because it was the only way to avoid crying. When I finally gathered up the courage to speak, I told everything and he wanted to confront Ari but I begged him to reconsider.

            “Tena thinks I love her, she is dumber than I thought. I am stuck with her because I need to find loop holes and I am positive that I will find her weakness and attack her, she thinks she is God, only God is invincible.”

He brought out a bottle and told him that Omo gave him “keeps Tena from monitoring.” He muttered.

           “I know Mason, I left Amei. I wanted to go back to Lagos but I couldn’t go without you. Why did you marry Tena? Why did you sacrifice your freedom for me? You are dinning with the devil just for me?”

Mason sighed and sat on my bed, after a long pause he said. “Life without you by my side sucks. I just wanted to help.”

          “My love for you has no end and I appreciate what you are doing for me. How can I repay you?” I asked, hugging him so tight.

            “Keeping loving me, don’t stop. That’s like my drug, it strengthens me.”

Mason told me that Tena’s end was near. He did not tell me more, I urged him to tell me but he told me that it was a surprise.

           “When this is over, we’ll go on a vacation to Greece”

            “I can’t wait but please Mason. I need you to promise me that you will return to me safe and sound.”

            “You have my word” he replied.

             I was in high spirits when Mason left, I was literally glowing. I was happy because Mason’s heart was still mine and because Tena’s days were ticking. I was also scared that something bad would happen to Mason. During supper, I picked at my food, no one noticed that my mind was far away except Ari; I placed my hand on the left portion on my chest and sighed deeply. It was so obvious that I was thinking about another man. After supper, he drew me to the terrace beside the dining room and started interrogating me

           “I am so happy because I have decided to forget about you and your nonsense.”

           “I will find him and kill him; I will not share you with any man.”

           “Can I kill Mena? You slept with my friend. You lost every respect I had for you; I can be with any man I desire.”

            “But you have forgiven me”

            “Would you forgive me if I told you I spent the day with a very handsome man? The love of my life? The one that makes me go loco?” I asked, with a glint of mockery in my eyes.

He asked if I loved him and I didn’t reply his question. I walked out on him. Days later, Mason visited, he told me about Tena’s pregnancy and I was so furious. I kicked and punched him. I cried out of anger and jealousy

           “How could you?” I asked

           “I can explain Jess.”

           “You had better have a solid explanation.”

           “Everyone has a weakness including me, I have a weakness and that weakness is you Jessa. You are like my kryptonite. Tena has a weakness and I had to use it against her.”

           “So her weakness is getting pregnant?”

           “Yes, pregnancy will destroy her. I found out when she was addressing two strange boys, they are twins actually and she did not know that I followed her to secret room. She is some sort of royalty. After the meeting I was unable to come out of the secret room, I was rescued by Ane.”

Nothing made sense to me anymore and I just looked at Mason with disbelief

           “So you had to get her pregnant?” I asked

           “No!” he exclaimed.

           “Are you crazy? Stop toying with me”

          “Ane did and he said I shouldn’t go back to Tena’s abode. Tena would die when she finds out that she is carrying her worst enemy’s child but I have to go back, I have to go back to her secret room because there is something there.”

         “How did Ane do it?”

         “He took my form; his shape shifting abilities are second to none. He was able to trick her”

         “Are you telling me that you never got intimate with Tena?”

         “I…I did.”

          Mason told me that Tena never got pregnant because she never had a womb. Ane told Mason a very dark secret about Tena “Tena’s womb is always intact when there is a full moon and I will take advantage of that to destroy her. She will carry my child!”

Mason told me that he still had to stop by at Tena’s abode and I begged him to forget about it.

          “There is something very important that she is hiding there. I must satisfy my curiosity.”

           Tena knew immediately that she was pregnant and she remembered that night. She remembered the person she saw, she thought she was dreaming. She screamed and cried. Almighty Tena was vulnerable, she started to barf blood.

            “My revenge is the best Tena.” a voice said

She looked up and saw Ane, she was very sad and angry. Ane captured her and took her to a very thick forest. Tena was so weak, she begged for mercy.

           “How did you know about my secret?”

           “You hated children; you never allowed me touch you when the full moon was out. The night I tried to, on that beautiful night, when the full moon was out. You stabbed me and screamed hysterically and I asked myself ‘what if I did it? What would happen?’It was a risk Tena and I am glad it was worth it. Mason further confirmed it; he overheard you talking to your minions. Face it Tena! You are not invincible.”

            “I won’t go down without a fight Ane. I am very impressed at your intelligence but destroying me won’t solve Amei’s problems. This is just the beginning.”

             Mason left and came back with the news that Tena had disappeared. As we talked, Prince Ari came in and he was furious. He started choking Mason; Mason pushed him away and told him that I never loved him.

             “I love and she loves me and we would be getting married soon.”

             “You are a strumpet!” He screamed, referring to me.

“Marry Mena, forget about me. After all you slept with her. I have moved on, I advice you do the same.” I replied.

             “You will not humiliate me.” He replied.

              He started punching Mason and I could do nothing. Once I tried to separate them, I got injured. Some guards ran in and separated them, they started beating Mason.

              “Throw that intruder into the dungeon; he tried to kill my wife.” He said.

Written  by Kezi Angela Patrick

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