3 Reasons You Are Still Crying After Weeks of Break Up

3 Reasons You Are Still Crying After Weeks of Break Up

When a relationship ends, what do you think about? Why exactly do you cry? Asides the fact that you miss someone you have grown so fond of and very attached to emotionally, why do you cry?

Most times, when we truly dig deep, we realise that our tears are not fueled by the said ‘heartbreak’ or that someone we care about will no longer be part of us like s/he used to, our tears and further head ache arises from some stupid reasons. Here are 3 Reasons You Are Still Crying After Weeks of Break Up

  1. Self-Denial

If you sincerely tell yourself why the tears has refused to stop, it’s because you don’t even understand how to own up to yourself that the once beautiful relationship you had with XYZ has ended, talk more of owning up to other people. You hold on to an illusion that he or she will return, you die inside each time you see him or her smile without you. You just can’t seem to believe how he or she could be that happy without crawling back to you. The truth is, s/he has moved on and you should too. Tell yourself it is over and believe it. Stop holding on to fairy tales or some Telemundo level. Those who really experience a lover coming back to them do not plan it out or sit around waiting. They move on with their lives, improve their being and personality while fate takes the wheel.

2. What people will say 

It is sad that we are still talking about this but Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! we are still here. Instead of thinking about how to pick yourself together, get back to living your life and totally enjoy being single, you’d rather think of how to face your friends and social media. You think of the number of discussions going down in different messaging app concerning your failed relationship. Sometimes, the shame (which I rather call stupidity) pushes some people to reduce themselves to nothing. They lose all self-worth, act like demented humans and probably end up in more complex situation. Its time you realise that people will always talk. Whether that relationship ended or not, believe me when I say type ‘someone is somewhere discussing you both’. In this day and age, you don’t even have to know them…they probably don’t even know your real name, all they just want to do is talk about someone. I get it ended not as planned but move on. It’s not as easy as said typed but move on you must.

3. Blame game

You are still crying because you blame yourself. You feel very bad to have taken such horrible decision, you think very low of yourself, you have not forgiven yourself and you wish it was all just a bad dream. Hey, I understand, but its real, it has happened. I have been there before. I have had relationships I wish never happened but it did. There are Exes I cannot proudly say I once dated, but hey I did. What more can you do than accept this mistake even if it occurs more than once. It doesn’t mean you are terrible at making such decisions, it only means you should learn to love yourself the more by evaluating what went right, what went wrong and picking up the lessons.

 Again you blame the other person, he was a bastard, she was an idiot, he broke the trust, she broke up with you for no reason, he was never understanding, she was to wild…blab la bla…. They are humans and that’s just who they are. You both could not find a common ground. Its that simple. Your worst nightmare will be someone’s prince charming and that girl you have labelled everything wrong will still end of being the Queen in a King’s life. Let it go.

At the end of it all, be you in a relationship or not, constantly discover you, love you and do you. That’s all you need to get by.

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  1. You are very right although it is hard to move on but if you try to move on, you will realise that it is the best decision you ever take.

  2. Kai I remember once I had a very bad breakup… I cried for way too long. Now reading through these points I think you are so right. It Was really hard for me to accept it was over…

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