50,000 Children Born With Sickle Cell Anaemia Annually

Sickle cell disease

The President of Sickle Cell Club, Mrs. Ayo Otaigbe, has revealed that about 50,000 Nigerian children are born annually with symptomatic Sickle Cell Anaemia, just as several of them do not survive beyond infancy.Otaigbe, who said this at the 2015 annual celebration of the Sickle Cell Club Lagos Nigeria, explained that the high death rate from the disease was due to lack of information on how to prevent or tackle it, as well as inappropriate care of patients. Adding, she said the disease was still not understood fully, which makes it unresponsive to some drugs being marketed in the country.“More research is needed to find a rational therapy for managing the crisis, beyond the use of analgesics, as sufferers still go through severe pain crisis. More importantly, we will continue to show and advocate that affected persons can live a normal and healthy life if they are well managed, thereby dispelling the myths, rumours and misinformation surrounding the condition,” she said.

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