South Africa passes law to mark HIV infected people close to their genitals

South Africa is the most affected country, as far as the yet incurable HIV is concerned. Little wonder they are trying to help themselves by putting up measures to curb the further spread of the deadly virus. Reports are making rounds that the country’s president, Jacob Zuma has signed a bill which many will believe to be the greatest step of trying to combat HIV.

The law states that every person who gets tested and found to be HIV positive will not only be counselled and placed on medication, they will also get a mark in a form of a tattoo near their

The mark is to protect people from having unprotected sexual intercourse with a HIV infected people. “The choice to be HIV positive is now in your hands or your genitals for that matter….We also encourage those who had been living with the virus to go to the nearest public hospitals to get their status tatted in”. These were words from Jacob Zuma after signing the bill and drinking his ARV’s.

Well, why is the president drinking ARV if he is not infected? Is Zuma HIV positive? And would this even help with the fight against HIV patients segregation?

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