‘Oga Pastor that one na missyarn’ – Charly Boy Replies Baba Adeboye

'Oga Pastor that one na missyarn' - Charly Boy Replies Baba Adeboye

Must you Marry?

For the past few days, pastor Adeboye’s advice to youths on marriage have been trending all over the place. I suspect that the good pastors yarns tells me that he is a man suspended in time, between old and new school. Don’t get it twisted, in as much as I flow with his definition of a good woman, from his statement I see that the obvious way to his heart is through his stomach and of cause through prayers. Good, No wahala.

However our amiable pastor rubs it in when he starts to yarn Akpata, ” Marry a warrior, if a girl cannot pray for one hour, don’t marry her. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy, who cannot cook. She needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to eat out at all times” Hummm na wa! Really? Seriously?

So if my wife to be can’t rant, chant, shout and generally carry on as a prayer warrior, praying for a whole hour, the woman doesn’t deserve a wife status. Abi?

Oga pastor, that one na missyarn. Over praying does not make one a better husband or wife, because the world especially Naija is filled with Fake people and “Fakest” pastors. Does a man having a job guarantee that he will make a good husband? Does a woman knowing how to cook guarantee she will make a good wife? Haba.

Ok I get it, The Nigerian god has an ear infection, so we must shout and pray for hours because that’s the only way he may listen to our prayers, right? I know that a man is suppose to marry a helper and not a cook or a house girl. By the way, is anything wrong with encouraging your young male congregation to learn how to cook and do chores too.

“Do not marry a worldly lady” what the heck does that mean? Is it about being materialistic or just being fashionable, looking nice. I guess in your book we can’t be a good Christian if we got swagg and we are trendy. Judge not pastor. We must all not look like Deeper Life people to have a personal relationship with God. By the way, if you want to start writing your own commandment you may as well write your own version of the bible for your congregation. Na una way.

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  1. Lollssss Ooh, I can’t stop laughing. This is so very hilarious. Prayer warrior kah? Pastor abeg no bi the strength of our voice that God is after but our heart in supplication to him.

  2. Praying for one hour isn’t supposed to be shouting. What he is trying to say is marry a girl that can spend at least one hour praying. In my own understanding I think he is trying to say praying and meditation you can pray for 5mins and meditate on the word for another 50mins then close with another5mins of prayer. Nigerians like to believe things the dey they see it. A woman who can meditate and stay in God’s presence for one hour is surely a blessing to any man who can find her. Period

  3. There is a Nigerian way of thinking, which godly way of thinking is far different from. Mark4:11-13.Many thing are wrong in todays marriages, and that’s why we have alot break-ups. Even among the ones you called celebrated (Celebrities) who has nothing good to emulate when it comes to some areas in their life, mist especially relationship. And not doing it godly way is the cause.Proverbs 31:10-end tells us about a suitable woman.

  4. Charly Boy . Keep your moronic interpretations to yourself. We are not degenerates , we don’t need your spin on an elderly more experienced admonitions and advice . Stop your perversion of morally sound advice. Even if not politically or socially correct ! Take yours out of the advice and let others seek their own fitting parts !

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