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Some Tips For Sellers - - elsieisy blog

We all have moments in our lives, when the time to change something comes. It may involve different things – from changing a diet to replacing all furniture in your house. One way or another, in most cases you will have some things to get rid of. And here Jiji comes to rescue.

You don’t have to throw out old things – it is not rational and not really clever. You can always sell stuff at classifieds. It is really easy. There are only several things you have to know.Some Tips For Sellers - - elsieisy blog

  • Choose a reliable marketplace. Find out what options are available and which one is the best for you. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or the most famous classifieds website. It must be the one convenient and pleasant to use personally for you.
  • Register. Most likely, this is a necessary step, but even if not, registered users get more privileges.
  • Post an ad. Well, this is what you came from. Provide a detailed description of your item and post some photos. Choose a category precisely. It will help to display your offer in the right list.
  • Keep in touch. Potential buyers like to compare offers and conduct small personal investigations. They may ask you some questions and wait for quick and honest answer. After you post an ad, check it out at least once a day for looking how the things are going and replying potential buyers.
  • Provide only correct information. One white lie can affect your reputation as a seller in a bad way. Are you ready to give it up instead of waiting for a seller for a bit longer period of time?
  • Insist on a personal meeting. Don’t send an item in advance. Unfortunately, there are some scammers around, and you should be aware of this and of how to deal with them.
  • Have realistic expectations. Don’t put too high price or be too demanding. In the end, you are selling used things you don’t need.
  • Think about special offers and boost plans for promoting your ads and making them more effective. Detailed information about this is always provided on the website.

Some Tips For Sellers - - elsieisy blog

Selling online is not difficult. On the contrary, it is the best business experience you can imagine. Visit and find more tips for sellers

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