My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!


How was your weekend? Hope all went well. Last week was beautiful for me so there was no excuse for bad weekend. I was still basking in the euphoria of my experience at Bonny Island.

Bonny Island is situated at the southern edge of Rivers state in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, near Port Harcourt. I went there to finish up on some transcribing job for NLNG on behalf of JB Multimedia studios and believe me when I say, though its hard work, with two sleepless nights, I loved that kind of hard work.

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

The environment is very peaceful and relaxing. I had the opportunity to interact with nature. No generator noise, no power failure, no horn blasting, lovely meals and away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos state. I almost couldn’t believe I was still in Nigeria. It was quite an experience as I cleared my head and thoughts for a moment.My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

Bonny is a beautiful city many do not know of and I am proud to be among the few.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Bonny Island, please do not let it go.

So you know how you see a lovely shoe and painstakingly decide to let it go because its not your size then you allow the business owner room to convince you on how some people can deal with over sized shoes. *hot tears*

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

The picture below is the only place I wore the beautiful Next shoes – The photo shoot I had for my birthday. So basically, I never wear am before o.

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

I was looking at it yesterday and wondered why I still kept it. I am not the type to keep things I don’t need, no matter how beautiful they are. I am a small size 37 and a 38.5 cannot work at all. I wonder how the lady convinced me…she must be damn good!

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

Anyways, this shoe can be yours. Just answer the question below in the comment section of this blog.

Let’s see who knows me well;

What do you think is really about?

This giveaway is open to everybody – male and female. Be it your size or not, you can always win and give it out.

The best answer will be picked 12pm Wednesday (15-06-2016).


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