2016 Blog Festival – #BlogFest 3:0

2016 Blog Festival – #BlogFest 3:0 - elsieisy blog

It’s here again, Blog Festival – #BlogFest 2016!!! This is how ELSiEiSY Celebrates literal finesse in style at the end of every year. Not by me alone of course – but with the contribution of all you great bloggers/story writers/authors/poets and all that I have missed.

#Blogfest is a yearly celebration of every beautiful piece that has ever been put together by anyone out there who have been courageous enough to share their works with someone on blogs

I do this for the love of writing and outreach – You might do it for the same or better maybe to make a mark, market yourself, show your professionalism, catch trips or just for plain humor. I assure you that if for any reason you want to make a blogging mark, this is a great start.2016 Blog Festival – #BlogFest 3:0 - elsieisy blog

Over the years, bloggers have gotten traffic and high grossing posts and redirects from our free publicity – my take is thus:

Let’s make history with the greatest ever festival of blogging with your great literature.

How to participate in 2016 #Blogfest

  1. Send your properly edited work to email@elsieisy.com or  elsieisy@gmail.com on or before 25th of November
  1. Each Writer/blogger is entitled to sending in just two posts. Each piece must have a minimum of 500 words (200words for poems).
  1. Fiction, non-fiction, opinion, poetry, fantasy fiction, horror, erotic stories…all genres are welcome.
  1. Do include your name,a short bio (not more than 100 words) and blog link (if you have a blog)

5. Kindly title your email – Blog Festival or indicate in your submission. We receive different emails and submissions daily. We do not want to use your blog festival submission as just another published awesome work.6. And be willing to create time to follow the Blog festival, drop comments and share

Remember, It cannot be a festival without you. Share this with every beautiful writer/blogger out there. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate.

PS : ELSiEiSY reserves the right to accept or reject an entry.

To read posts from previous blog festivals, click HERE2016 Blog Festival – #BlogFest 3:0 - elsieisy blogFor further details, do send a mail to email@elsieisy.comThank you

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