27 Things Men Should Know By Age 27

by NZEH UCHE27 Things Men Should Know By Age 27

  1. You are a creator, act like one.


  1. Appreciating people’s successes brings yours closer.


  1. Information beats experience.


  1. Giving beats receiving.


  1. Fornication corrupts the mind.


  1. Find a wife, favour awaits you. Are you married? Kudos.


  1. There is no particular woman for a particular man, find who would help you achieve your dreams.


  1. Endurance and persistence are not foolish acts.


  1. Constant work beats talent.


  1. Wisdom is profitable to direct.


  1. Making friends with the opposite sex pays.


  1. Act matured, it actually its time.


  1. Act right, there is always somebody watching.


  1. Gratitude goes a long way, do not hold back.


  1. Believing is divine.


  1. Sacrificing is everything.


  1. Good friends are priceless.


  1. Humility beats pride.


  1. Long term relationship is never a guarantee of marriage.


  1. She is not yours until you’re wedded.


  1. There is more to marriage than wedding. The elaborateness of a wedding has little or nothing concerning the lifetime stays.


  1. Suppress “whys”, ask “what next” because regrets keeps you at a place.


  1. The law of attraction is why you’re where you are. Your yesterday’s sights is today’s life, see better to attract better.


  1. So many things are hereditary, inherit knowledge.


  1. People will always talk, you can’t please everybody.


  1. Self-advice beats crowd remarks.


  1. Life is sweet, but in all; its vanity.


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  1. There is no particular woman for a particular man, find who would help you achieve your dreams, taught we have a soul mate destined by God, I still don’t understand so ELSIE shed more light on it

  2. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting Mr Whaullexy. Ok let me throw more light. Proverbs 18 : 22a says ;”A man who finds a wife finds a good thing”. It never said ;”He who finds *HIS* wife. In other words, there are wives everywhere to be found. As a man, you have to locate that wife which is suitable for your person and make the person your soul mate. For those that think men have a permanent soul mate, What happens when your soul mate dies? Does that mean you would never get married? Or will you marry another’s soul mate? If you still need more light just visit trendepicpages.com and let’s talk. Thanks

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