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From frying pan to fire. How the hell did this happen? Who is doing this to me?  Could it be Dr. Miles? But after the scare Bosco and Hammer gave him, would he dare attempt such. I guess not except he sent it to him before they got there. I called Kayode back asking when exactly he got the video. He told me he got it some minutes before he called me. This could only mean one thing. I didn’t bother taking off my uniform before storming out my door headed out. I took a bike to Linda’s place. She’s the only one I know that could help me. My heart leaped with joy when I saw her outside smoking. To see Linda at home without calling first was like winning the jackpot; a chance out of a million. She saw me just before I got off the bike

Nurse nurse!!!” she hailed me with joy written on her face. I was glad I still have that effect on her.

This one wey you remember me today hope I’m safe oh

I smiled sadly as we hugged. I wish this visitation was anything but to ask a favor from her.

Linda I need your help” I said trying to hold back the tears that was trying to break free.

Linda held me away from her, looked into my face, noticed the tears I was trying so hard to hide and replied

Let’s go inside and talk

We went into her two bedroom flat. Ten minutes later after pouring my heart out to her she paced up and down in deep thought. I came to Linda because she was my last hope. If my suspicion was correct then Bosco and Co were the ones who sent that video to Kayode. Because of the money they intend making out of this our friendship to them didn’t matter. All they cared about was the money. The only person that could talk Bosco out of this was Linda. Linda is Bosco’s girlfriend. No one understands the power she had over him. She could make him do things. Linda was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever set my eyes on. Everybody wondered what she was doing with a guy like Bosco. It was understandable that Linda’s beauty could turn this hard core die hard gangster into a cute lovestruck puppy but it was hard to understand what she saw in him.

He was of medium height with muscles and scares all over his body. He had this deep scar just below his left eye trailing down to his lips disfiguring that side of his face. He was ruggedly handsome when he had his right side facing you but the moment he turns you would want to avert your eyes. The scar was horrible. Bosco was nothing but bad news and a womanizer. Looking at Linda you’ll think she could do better. Love or whatever it is was, was so hard to understand. I’ve helped Linda get rid of two pregnancies belonging to Bosco and one that wasn’t Bosco’s but another guy she was seeing at the side. This was a secret she begged me to take to my grave and I promised her I would.

After pacing for about three minutes she grabbed her car keys from the table, told me we were going to pay a visit to Bosco. Although she and Bosco had their ups and downs, still there was this love between them you couldn’t help but envy. She didn’t say a word as she drove to his place as though the devil was on her tail. From her expression and silence I knew she wasn’t happy with what Bosco did. I heard Linda was from a wealthy family. She was the only daughter of an engineer who had oil wells bringing him millions every day.

When we got there they were still in a merry mood. No wonder. I know these guys. Whenever they’re drinking it means they’ve hit the jackpot or about to. Bosco was shocked to see us there while I was feeling shy knowing they had seen me naked while Kayode fucked me and I fucked him. I felt so embarrassed and couldn’t look any of them in the eyes. Bosco had a girl on his lap when we walked in. You should see the way he pushed the girl off his lap when he realized I didn’t come alone but had Linda with me. It was really funny. He looked like a kid caught stealing. Linda didn’t even acknowledge the girl. She walked over to where he was, without a word she dragged the resisting Bosco to his bedroom.

She banged the door after them and then we heard them arguing behind that closed door. Everybody in the room was silent even Hammer who I believe was half drunk. Linda was a very friendly person but whenever she was upset it’s best to stay far away from her especially with a guy like Bosco by her side. Even the much dreaded Hammer was aware of this fact, so he sat down quietly nursing his drink. Just when their voice was raised too high and I was wondering if I should intervene suddenly there was silence. Silence for about some minutes before the next sound came, a sound that got everyone in the room blushing.

Ohhh baby, ahhhh Bosco, ummmmmmmmm sweetie you are killing me

Those two were making love. I didn’t know if I should give them some privacy because Linda was so loud but since no one else in the room made any move of leaving I decided to stay exact where I was. The bed was also screaming in protest as it hit the wall while the two humans pleasured themselves in ways it could never understand.

Baby please promise never to leave me, ahhhh, ummm, I love you so much baby

We heard Bosco promising never to leave

The grunting, screaming, and moaning went on for about thirty minutes before there was silence again. I was glad that was over. Listening while they made love with about five other people also present and listening was all so awkward. Just when I thought it was over they started again. Round two. And Linda screamed louder than the first time saying all sorts of things like

Suck me baby, love me like there’s no tomorrow, you’re driving me insane baby, I can’t live without you...” you could hear her sobbing in between. I wish the ground would just swallow me. Hammer was grinning from ear to ear while the other girls in the room seemed uncomfortable as I was.

Finally the door opened and Bosco walked out towards my direction. I was shocked when he started apologizing. He said they watched the video out of curiosity. He said they wanted to see how nurse dey waya. In the process they recognized the dude in the video. They’ve met him before and though Kayode don’t know them but they know him. Since he was married into a rich family they were hoping they could get some change out of him. He handed his phone over to me and asked me to delete the video myself which I quickly did. I went into the stuffy room thanking Linda for her help. It pays to have crazy friends.

Written by Tanya

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