New Smartphone attachment diagnoses HIV in 15minutes

WHO issues new guideline; Treat all people living with HIV

A cheap new device that can be attached to a smartphone can reportedly diagnose cases of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis – and, amazingly enough, the test only takes 15 minutes to complete.

Developed by researchers at Columbia University, the new phone attachment is being heralded as a potentially transformative breakthrough, due in no small part to its low cost. While the typical diagnostic machinery used to detect HIV and syphilis costs more than $18,000, the new mobile “attachment” costs a mere $34 to manufacture.

Science Daily reports that the mobile device tests for three infectious-disease markers in just 15 minutes by using a finger-prick of blood, and draws all the power it needs from the smartphone.

It is hoped the small but effective smartphone accessory will save millions of lives from sexually transmitted diseases.

(Science Daily)

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  1. This could save ppl life’s but still rap it up guys it’s more than three infectious-disease…be of the safe side 🙂

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