Simply Complicated – 6

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Bode looked at her and instantly saw the change. She had retreated into herself and she wasn’t going to let him in.

“Why? You don’t want me to know where you stay?” He teased

“It’s not that. I just really want to be alone right now. Please stop the car.”

Bode did not argue further. He edged off the main road and gradually rolled the car to a stop. He was not certain what Aisha was feeling or what was going through her head but whatever it was, it made him slightly uncomfortable. She got out and crossed over to his side while he contemplated asking whether or not she was okay. She stood by the door for a few seconds and then he opened it and came down.

“Are you sure you’re okay? That conversation seemed to have upset you a lot.”

 “Yes I’m fine. I’m just extremely tired and I need to be alone.”

She got into the car, shut the door and moved the gear to drive.

“Thank you for everything. Good night.”

“Goodnight dear.” Bode replied stung but not showing it.  He watched her ease her car back into the main road and join the flow of traffic. He flagged down a cab in less than a minute and gave the driver directions to the hotel all the while thinking.

He needed to get his revenge and he would. No one caused him pain and walked away free. He would make sure they felt pain too. He would continue to do this over and over again. He calmed himself. Aisha would come running back to him. She may have shut him out tonight but she was already attracted to him. That much was obvious. He only needed to play his cards right and he would be back on track.


Aisha wanted to smack herself. This was the most careless and stupid thing she had ever done. In her 13 months of dating Khalid, not once had she ever been unfaithful to him. Khalid was amazing. The moment he indicated discomfort over her numerous male friends, she kept most of them at bay and whenever she met someone new, she never let them past the level of acquaintance. Now this. In that moment she realized the truth; it did not matter whether Khalid had cheated on her or not, she loved him and wanted to be with him forever. She had been hanging out with Bode for three weeks now. The three weeks that Khalid had been away. That was the only reason she felt attracted to him. They had become too close. They chatted on BBM every day, they went out most evenings after work… that was simply a recipe for trouble. How could she not have seen that earlier?

She sighed and focused on the road. She would get home tonight and talk to her mum; her best friend. Her mum would help her feel better. This wasn’t really her fault. Khalid was to blame too but she would not make this mistake again. She would talk to him in the morning, ask about the condom and hope that somehow there would be a reasonable explanation for everything. And then she would apologize to Bode. He seemed like a really decent fellow. He had not taken advantage of her tonight and that greatly impressed her. Maybe when she sorted out things with Khalid they could become good friends but she was definitely telling him she was engaged. No more hide and seek. She thought about his “don’t kiss me otherwise we’ll be in trouble” mantra. She was in trouble alright.

As she drove into the estate, she absent-mindedly noticed a car following closely behind but she paid no attention to it. She honked in front of her gate and the gateman opened up for her. She drove straight to her parking spot and that was when she noticed the other car drive in after her. She hurriedly parked her car and came out, her heart racing.

Khalid parked a few metres from the gate and came down. Apparently Aisha had not noticed him following her. He was uncertain how she would react but he walked purposefully towards her car. She got out rather hurriedly and almost knocked him over.

“Whoa! Mine! Easy!”

Aisha rushed into his arms and hugged him.

“Baby, I’m really sorry. Really very sorry. I love you very much and I don’t care if you did anything wrong. I can always forgive you. I just don’t want us to fight. I’ve missed you so much!”

Aisha was breathless by the time she finished gushing and Khalid was slightly surprised. He was certainly not expecting such a reception.

“Mine, I love you too. So much. And I missed you too. And no, I did not cheat on you.”

She looked up at him, surprised. Khalid looked into her eyes and stroked her cheek.

“I found the condom too and I realized why you had been acting up.”

Without warning, he lifted her off the ground and placed her easily on the boot of her car. Aisha squealed. She was scared of what Khalid would say next but she listened eagerly.

“So I happened to meet the governor’s daughter on this trip. Crazy girl with too much energy. She flirted with me a lot and I had to tell her I was engaged.

I told Tayo about her and he was crazy enough to suggest that I get with her. To him, it would be just another joke, another night of fun. But I could not do that to you. He handed me the condom as Ella walked into the room and I pocketed it, intending to discard it later but I never got to it. I would have told you everything earlier tonight but I did not remember and the timing just did not feel right.

Mine, I love you. I want to get married to you and I intend to stay faithful to you for as long as I’m alive. There’s no other woman I’d rather be with than you.”

Aisha had tears in her eyes and she could not stop them from trickling down. Guilt washed over her and she felt so ashamed. Why hadn’t she just asked earlier?

“Awwww, my cute baby. Please don’t cry.” Khalid wiped the tears from her eyes but they would not stop flowing.

“Miji na, my heart, my love, I’m so very sorry. I really…”

Khalid hushed her up with a kiss. A kiss that took her breath away. A kiss that made her wish the hour before Khalid followed her home had not happened. A kiss that set off fireworks in her brain. Khalid pulled back and looked into her eyes.

“Staying faithful to you might not be the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s definitely one difficult task I have taken on with all pleasure. What am I saying? It was tough when we first started dating but now it just comes easily to me.

 Besides, we’ve been apart for too long. I need to be around you more often.”

Guilt tugged desperately at Aisha’s heart. She thought of telling him about Bode and the kiss but she buried it as quickly as it came up. No point ruining a perfect night. She smiled at him. A beautiful smile straight from her heart

“You’re just bursting my head tonight. Now I remember why I fell in love with you. You might be an economist with your wallet but certainly not with your heart.”

Khalid laughed.

“Haba darling. Da gaske? You really think I’m selfish?”

“Well, I didn’t get my dinner at Dunes tonight…”

Aisha pouted. Khalid tickled her and she laughed.

“Okay. We’ll have lunch at Dunes tomorrow and dinner too.”

“Ok love. By the way, I don’t think you’re selfish o.”

Khalid laughed good-naturedly. “Ehhhnn. Don’t worry. We both know I’m an economist where my wallet is concerned so let’s leave it at that.”

Aisha laughed but it was stifled by a yawned.

“Gaskiya na ge ji. I’m so tired.”

“Yeah, you look it. You should go to bed. Where did you even go when you left my place?”

“Oh, I went with a friend to get some drinks.”

“Okay o. Ehen, before I forget. I want you to accompany me to Accra next week. That’s to make up for being away for so long. I want to spend more time with you.”

Aisha’s half asleep brain suddenly jerked back to life.

“You said?”

“Come with me to Accra next week. Please. There’s a summit there and it’ll last for a week. I don’t want to be there without you. Your passport is still valid right?”

Aisha squealed in excitement. Tonight could not possibly get any better. They spent the next few minutes discussing the trip and Aisha kept yawning intermittently till Khalid decided to send her off to bed. It was almost 10:00pm when Khalid left her premises. He was totally satisfied and at peace with himself. Maybe while they were on the trip they could decide on a date for the wedding.


JUNE 2005

“Seye, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird since we got back”

Seye rolled over on the bed and wrapped herself in her blanket giggling. Her elder brother looked at her and shook his head.

“Seye, talk to me jor. What’s happying you?”

He heard her giggle loudly underneath the covers and he dragged the bundle close to himself tickling her at different angles. Seye laughed loudly and struggled to free herself from his grip.

“Tell me what’s up na ahan.”

Seye laughed again and managed to raise her head above the covers.

“Fine. I like one boy like that.”

He looked at his ten year old sister and love filled his eyes. He smiled. A new point to tease her on.

“Does he have a name?”

She grinned widely and nodded in the affirmative.

“Are you going to tell me?”

Her face took on a serious shade

“Promise you won’t get mad”

He raised an eyebrow. It was amazing how she managed to shuttle between baby and adult whenever she felt like.

“I promise. Who is he?”

“His name is Kay. He’s in your class”

Her brother laughed. The laughter held no mirth.

“No Seye, you can’t like Kay. He’s a really bad boy.”

Seye’s eyes lost their sparkle in an instant.

“But I really like him. And I already made a move on him”

He laughed heartily this time. She was too cute for words

“Made a move on him huh?”

She nodded with a fire in her eyes

“Yes. I told him I liked him and I wanted to be his girlfriend and he said okay. He even told me I was cute.”

He looked at her in utter shock. He was certain he would pass out.



Bode scrolled through his updates on BBM and found Aisha’s. The update was made 5 minutes ago. Her Personal message read

“Many waters cannot quench our love neither can floods drown it, the fire burns too strongly…” with a lovestruck smiley.

Her display picture was one of she and Khalid locked in a loving embrace.

Bode smiled. Floods could not drown it eh? Well there was quite a flood coming alright and he was willing to bet anything that the love would not burn so strongly after the floods.


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  1. Hmmmmm what is It with This Bode Self. Next one,i Look forward to the Next Episode

  2. Hmmm.. I think I’m getting the story. Kaycould be khalid and Bode might be seye’s older brother. Can’t wait for the next espiode

  3. i think so too Aminat, amma it will be foolish of Bode to be wanting revenge that bad. Thank you for writting.

  4. Ah aminat, u have unshocked us b4 we cud get shocked *lol*. Can’t wait to c how it all went down to have made bode a pschopath.. Nice 1

  5. Hmmm…I smell trouble and I already started praying for Aisha to overcome. #asifnareallife#

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