The House – 34

The house

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SESAN…After all the wahala, we were finally free to go home. Yemisi would have to spend a day or two sha for observation abi wetin the doctor call am. I didn’t really care. Just wanted to get home and crash. Wahala wey no be my own and there was also the headache of the pregnancy. Now that it is actually confirmed that Yemisi is pregnant everything don change. I could worry about that later, right now na sleep sure pass.

I stood at the entrance to the hospital and watched as everyone else made the stroll home and deep down I knew that come this evening or tomorrow another wahala was going come up. That was for certain. No one noticed I had stayed back…there were those thatwere too tired to notice and there were those that just wanted to finish up business.

Wahidi weyreh was in category number two. The idiot had been sitting with the aso rock girls all through the stay in the hospital asides the few minutes he took off to come talk to me. Immediately after our talk, he had gone back to his seat. The weyreh was sha trying to overthrow me one way or the other and thanks to my stupid dick he had taken overSeyi and Ibironke. Na me go poison am las las..but for now, just needed to rest now.

I waved down a bike and got on. I didn’t even look back at my fellow house mates as the bike zoomed past them. Which reminds me, I had to call Bode. He said he was going to get money and didn’t return to the hospital abi Bobo sef don wise up and just decided it was betterYemisi died sef. I smiled to myself at the evil thought, well it never hurt anyone.

Bike got me home in record time and as I was getting off giving the bikeman his money, Bode and Loco came around the corner.

Something wasn’t right, I could sense it because I just couldn’t fathom out what business Bode could possibly have with Loco..Loco ofall people!

“Loco, how far na? How e dey go?”..I mustered enough strength to hail.

“Omo Iya how your side na?”..Loco got close enough to shake my hand. He had the usual cigerette stench all over him. Bode shook my hand too without saying a word. Now what was going on?

“Where una dey come from? You know hear say them stab person for house this morning?”..

I queried Loco knowing fully well what his reply was going to be.

“How e take concern me? I be their father ni abi na me dey even fuck them?..And he didn’t disappoint. He had always hated the girls of aso rock probably because none of them would sleep with him knowing fully well that he wasn’t going to pay. Arguably the craziest guyin the house. I turned my attentions to Bode.

“We were waiting for you at the hospital, why didn’t you come back?”….

“Sorry, I wasn’t able to get an ATM dispensing cash. Been around since.”..

“No p sha, Boka has sorted the bills. Una go dey sort am between unaselves”..I opened the gate and walked in expecting Bode to follow me straight up when i heard.

“So how we go come do am now wey machine no comot money?”..Loco spoke up. I paused, what was hetalking about?.

 I looked up at Bode who had not moved an inch..

“Sesan please borrow me 500naira. Would give you back when I withdraw.”..He asked me with a blank expression on his face.

“Five hundred ke? As I stand before you now na 320 naira remain for my hand, last survivor things”.

Maybe I should even give it all to him and collect five hundred from him when he goes to withdraw.

So before he could start thinking about collecting the 320 from me or not, I was already pulling out my wallet. Who says making 180 isn’t good business?

“Ehn bring the 320 like that, I go manage am”…Loco cut in.”Ahan, why he wan give you money?”…I queried with a frown on my face.

“I borrowed money from him to bike to the ATM”. This Bode don turn full house guy o, I didn’t know where the feeling came from but I could bet Boka’s head that he was lying. It wasn’t my business though, I gave him the money and walked away from them. I think I have more than enough drama for the day. I pushed the main gate and was heading to my room when I noticed movement in the hallway of the main house. When did Baba landlord get back? He had been away for some time, only God knew where he was. Make I even enter whine the man small. I made my way inside and it became clearer to me. It wasn’t Baba landlord, it was Seyi pulling up a bag.

“Ahan, when did you get back in?”…I was trying to remember if she had even been at the hospital. And where was Ibironke sef? I scratched my beards.

“I am travelling for a while, any problem?”..She looked up at me with a frown on her face.

Well was there any problem sef ni? She was free to travel. I was about to wish her a safe trip when it hit me. Sesan, don’t be a fool…this is your shot at redemption. I paused and looked Seyi straight in the eye.

“Stella has gone to the police station so I can’t let you go anywhere. You would have to chill till she gets back. You and Ibironke, where is she?”..bells went off in my head but then I relaxed when I remembered Wahidi had been with me at the hospital so he wasn’t somewhere with Ibironke.

“Haa please Sesan don’t do this. Ibironke has taken off already. I don’t want to be arrested. Sesan please!”…omo you need to see the transformation that had just taken place. Seyi’s face had just gone from Margaret Thatcher to Teletubbies with tears real quick. I didn’t have time to dwell on all that. I have to move fast, everyone would be back in now and only God knew where Stella had gone to sef. What if she had actually gone to call the police?

“Lock your door, let’s go”…I said without an actual plan. I just knew we needed to get out first then relate.

“Go where?”…She asked me.

“You want to leave or not. Don’t ask questions and let’s go”…I turned and started walking back out the compound. I heard her turn the lock in her door and her fast footsteps as she ran up to me. We walked out in silence and I said a silent thank you to God that Loco and Bode were no longer outside. I waved down the very first bike that came in sight and urged Seyi to get on. She hesitated at first them got on. I told the bikeman to get us to a hotel I knew about five streets away. I didn’t bother asking if Seyi had cash on her..Salary earner and person wey wan sharply ja go surely get money for hand. Now what was my plan again o?

BOKA….Which kain wahala I con put myself like this? Why I no just go fuck all those usual girls for empire? Chei..Ijeoma ooo Ijeoma..i miss am. Na only one time I fuck this one now, she don carry belle and wan kill me. O just dey waka fast in front of everybody. That stupid Wahidi just dey use style press yansh for road. Useless boy…I just put hand for pocket make i comot my phone as I turn corner enter our street, I just see that Banker girl climb Okada and Sesan sef join am. Wait o, e b like say the girl carry bag. Where she dey go? Wetin Sesan dey do?.chei other okada dey around oooo! I look back see as everybody sef turn corner..nobody else see Sesan and the girl as the Okada don move..

make I tell them?

Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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  1. The house……yay!!!!!! What took you guys so long to publish your story. Glad you are back

  2. The story of “The House” is really crazy and interesting. I was ignoring the story cos I thought it would be boring but the picture of the hut kept popping up and I decided to start reading from episode 1 few days ago. Because of my love or should I say addiction to novels and stories, I finished all the present episodes and I’m anticipating the next. Pls, post the next episode ASAP. The suspense is killing me and I don’t want to be dreaming up how the story will go. Good Job on the stories, they sure beat watching African magic which I don’t do BTW!

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