Simply Complicated – 3

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Revenge is sweet. Always is. But what Bode found even sweeter was the build up to revenge. Amazing how step by step, bit by bit, everything seemed to be falling into place. Aisha would never see it coming. He smiled to himself and walked to the bar in the living room. His father had not re-stocked drinks in a while; the place was pretty empty. He poured himself a shot of whisky and walked to his room. Calling in sick today had been unprecedented but he woke up this morning not in the mood to work.

-Hey, didn’t go to work today. Not feeling too well. Hope your day is going alright.

He hit the “send” button on his phone and watched it expectantly. Seconds later, the red light began blinking on his phone.

-Wow. Sorry. What’s wrong?

-it’s complicated.

The smile was playing on his lips even though she could not see it.

-Okay? Are you pregnant?

Bode actually laughed out loud! Aisha had an unusual sense of humour.

-Looooool! Why would you think that?

-You said it was complicated. Couldn’t immediately think of anything else.

-Ok. I miss you…

-Lol. Indeed! You miss me and so you did not go to work. That makes perfect sense. Ha!

-Hehe. I told you it was complicated. Let me not disturb you further. Didn’t go to work because I needed to rest. But I actually miss you. Would you come check me after work?

-Sorry. Wish I could but I’ve got plans. Maybe we could see some other time. Gtg. Supervisor isn’t a fan of my phone. I think she’s hating because I’m using the Z10. Later!

Bode laughed yet again.

-Hehe. Ok then. Cheers


He pinged me to say he missed me. Why do I have a feeling Bode is up to some mischief?

Aisha was a tad bit unsettled. She could figure people out by her second or third meeting with them but Bode was different. Sometimes it felt like he was flirting. At other times, she was certain he wanted nothing more than plain friendship. She could have told him she was engaged but telling him that would make things weird between them. He would withdraw and she did not want that. Their budding friendship was important to her and she enjoyed their regular hang outs.

 4:00pm came quickly enough and Aisha packed her bags together and walked off to her car. Khalid was back in town and she was going to see him. He had said he would come and have dinner at her place at about 7:00pm but she honestly could not wait to see him. As much as they had their on-going frictions, she still missed him and the two weeks apart had worn her out.

She drove into the compound and saw his car in parked in its usual spot. But there were also a couple more cars. Irritation began to build but she told herself to be calm. He was not expecting her, it was his house and he was at liberty to entertain visitors.

She could hear voices and laughter from the living room as she knocked on the door. No one seemed to hear her so she knocked again, a little louder this time. The laughter continued but she heard footsteps approach the door. She had her best smile on when it was opened.

“Hey stranger”

Khalid looked surprised but he took her in his arms and hugged her warmly.

“I thought I was to pick you up at 7:00pm for dinner.”

“Yeah, nice to see you too. And yes, I missed you too”

Khalid smiled.

“I’m sorry. It’s really great to see you.”

He held her hand and walked into the living room.

The faces were all familiar. Khalid’s circle. A bunch of guys who lived and breathed economics.

She said hi to each of them and found her way to his bedroom. She expected that he would follow her in there and talk to her at least briefly but he didn’t.

“Khalid has got serious issues” she muttered. The bed lost its appeal after a few minutes so she got up and walked around a bit. She noticed his half unpacked bag sitting by the closet with a pair of trousers sticking out of it.

I might as well fix up this room.

She picked the trouser from the bag and something fell from the pocket. The trouser had a belt in the loops, an indication that it had been worn recently. Probably on his return trip.

She bent down and picked the fallen item. Surprise, hurt and anger getting mixed up in her heart. What in the world was Khalid doing with a condom?

And Khalid chose that minute to walk into the room…

by Ogechi Nwobia

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  1. Omg,See Gobe,Khalid is Cheating,looking forward to his Explanation. Great work,Keep it up

  2. Nice twist but I don’t want to think Khalid is really cheating….way back to bode’s arms for sure… Till the next episode… Thanks Ogechi

  3. Oh my gosh! Beautiful write up! I read till the end yearning for more. I think it will be a perfect excuse for her to see Bode and unleash her desires. Khalid is like every other typical guy in my opinion.

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