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But then my conscience came into play. I wanted more, its obvious Kayode wanted more too but I couldn’t do this no more. I stood up, wore my dress, refused answering his questions and walked out the door.

I felt bad, really bad. I wanted to cry for hours. I’ve always been able to control my emotions, refusing to give in to every desires of my heart. A moment ago there I was promising GOD I’ll visit his house more often and then I had to go sin against him. What was wrong with me? Yes it was a delicious sin but I made a promise to never let it happen again.

I returned to my duty post a changed person. I was so quiet, I avoided Kayode like the plague delegating my duties towards him to Nurse Yemisi and oh boy was she glad to do them. I couldn’t wait to go home, my conscience was eating me up, all I wanted was to crawl into my bed and sleep.

The phone rang, Ngozi stretched her hand to pick it up. I knew something was wrong from the look on her face. I stood up ready to get into action. She put the phone down beckoned at me as she half ran and half jogged out of the reception hall.

That was one of our paramedics. There’s been an accident involving a mother and her daughter. They’re on their way. This is a code red situation. We have to get the operation room ready. Dr Miles is on his way

Code red, oh no, this was not good. We got the room ready waiting for their arrival. Dr Miles walked in. I hardly see him around. He seemed like a loner with his glasses that made him look like a nerd. Well maybe he is one. He’s a fine man but there was something not right about him. Maybe it was the fact that he was too white or the look he gave me like he knew something about me that I didn’t. He informed us that the people they’re bringing in have lost a lot of blood and they’ll need blood transfusion. I heard our ambulance from a distance and in the next 3 minutes they wheeled the patients in looking bloodied and half dead. The mother looked to be in her forties while the daughter was just a teenager. From what I gathered they were waiting by the side of the road when a bus that had lost control suddenly ran into them. Trust our naija bus drivers na, he immediately fled the scene and instead of people to help them they just gathered round lamenting. Luckily our paramedics had stopped at the gas station to buy fuel. But mother and daughter weren’t so lucky.

We tried all we could still they gave up the ghost. It was really tragic. Everyone shed tears and those that didn’t did when the father came to the hospital only to be told he had lost his wife and daughter. That was crazy and sick. I went to the toilet to cry my heart out. Why is life so hard? Why is life not just fair? Those two don’t deserve to die or do they? The earth is crawling with demons in human disguise. Now those are people who deserve to die. Well GOD knows why shit happens but still that can’t stop the pain one feels cause of the loss of a loved one.

I felt for the husband, for his other children if any. I felt for the family. I was so tired of this life I wished it’ll come to an end already. I lost track of time in the bathroom until Nurse Ngozi came in to tell me Dr Miles wants to see me in his office. I quickly washed my face wondering why he wanted to see me. I knocked on his door, waited for a response and walked in. This was the first time of my being to his office. His office was dark, well furnished, the shelf was littered with books just like a library. There he was sitting comfortably with this huge desk covered with computers. He was so focused on whatever it was he was looking at on the computer screen that he didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I was about sitting down on the seat opposite him when he beckoned me with his hand to come to his side without taking his eyes off the laptop. I walked to his desk slowly wondering what he was up to. Standing at his side I waited for him to tell me the reason for this summon, instead he pointed at the computer screen. I followed his finger to the screen and what I saw made me stagger back. I felt this pain go through my heart, I couldn’t breathe. No it couldn’t be. I walked back to look at the screen one more time. Maybe eyes were playing tricks on me. My world fell apart when I still saw the same thing. On the screen there I was enjoying myself as Kayode ate my pussy.

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Written by Tanya

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  1. he has been caught ……lol…can imagine how nurse Nancy is feeling..lime the ground should open up n swallow her.

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