craze by obinna omotayo jones

The Sun was just sitting idly in the middle of the sky. Glaring daggers at pedestrians who braved its burning missiles without an umbrella or even a cap. It was a very hot day and the smell of burnt car tyres choked the hot atmosphere making breathing a little bit harder.

Toyin stared out her glass window and despite all she saw her troubles didn’t seem to leave her. She saw it in everything around, even in the way people kept moving in and out like ants: ‘all for what?’ She asked herself. She sighed.

The kids were soundly asleep on the bed she shared with them.

She stared at them just to be sure, because there was this day that she had safely tucked them in bed and proceeded to stand at her vantage point to observe the outside world, when she looked backat them one had fallen off the bed, it seemed it was little Nancy or her sister but she couldn’t remember for sure, no arm was broken anyways.

She turned her attention back to the world outside, the people crawling below her window, some dressed in colours of the rainbow and some dressed in black and white. She disliked the blackand white ones the most, they made are feel like she was colour blind and she hated it, infact she hated any illness.

She sighed again.

She looked up at the wall clock, it was still the same time it was since she went to stand by the window.

You never seem to move these days, why is that?” She asked the clock.

It stared back at her in dumb defiance.

She didn’t get angry, wall clocks didn’t talk, she knew that for sure.

I’ll probably change your battery” She told it again.

A tingling feeling rode to her brain from the tip of her breast. ‘Timeto eat baby?’ She thought.

She walked to the bed, picked one of the two babies sleeping on the bed.

Open your mouth dear” She said as she unbuttoned her gown. The babydidn’t respond.

Open up dear” She encouraged again, still the baby refused.

Open your damn mouth!” Toyin shouted, shaking the baby in the airstill, no response. She got angry and ripped the head off.

She screamed as she threw the lifeless head and body away from the bed.

She turned to the other baby on the bed, she spoke softly to it:

You saw that?”

No response.

Will you suck?” She asked

No response.

You’ll join your sister!” She screamed, grabbing the baby she bit the right arm and it came off immediately.

She kept tearing at it with her fingers, scattering its stomach, thighs and neck.

She was panting when she was done, looking at the mess she had created.

She sat on the edge of the bed sobbing.

Someone knocked on the door of her room, she didn’t even respond, she knew who it would be: God.

Toyin” he said as he walked into the room.

Toyin looked up at him and in-between sobs said: “I am sorry, they caused it“.

I am sure they did, would you mind buttoning your gown?

Oh, sorry” she blushed.

Let me call one of the nurses to come clean it up” He said.

‘He means angels’ Toyin thought, ‘why he called his angels, nurses still amuses me’. She giggled.

He looked at her.

“Nothing” she replied.

He spoke into his cell phone and put it back in his gown’s pocket.

So anything I should know?” he asked her.

She adjusted on the bed, stared at him seated in the only chair in the room, then looked at the wardrobe at the far right corner, she ignored the nurse that walked in to clear the pieces of dolls littering the floor.

Well, my husband have not been out of the closet since I entered this room” Toyin said with a serious look.

The doctor seated opposite her and the nurse picking the remains of the dolls, looked at each other.

Doctor Greg nearly burst into laughter but controlled it with and exaggerated: “WOW!”

“Yeah” Toyin said still looking at the wardrobe.

When am I getting my children back?” She asked the nurse that was heading out the door.

“Before the Sun sleeps” the nurse told her.

“Splendid” Toyin replied.

Written by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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