Signs Your relationship is going no where

How do I Love Again

My prayer is for you to love and be loved. And to you that have found true love, may it keep on going stronger, with more love and understanding.

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone tells you your man or woman isn’t right for you but you just look at them as relationship breakers? Well, yes. Some are relationship breakers. They are not happy with what you have and would do everything possible to be in that position of yours or to drag you down to where they are. But then, there are genuine friends that have your back even if you don’t have theirs. They might truly be sincere and have seen the signs which you have refused to see due to the scales of love covering your sense of reasoning, due to the fact that you think you can’t start all over again.

I wouldn’t say you should start listening to everybody to be sure your relationship is going somewhere but as a lady, you should drag your head along while following your heart. It’s pretty difficult to discern original from fake these days, same way it’s a bit difficult to really know the genuine advisers and the so called good intention advisers. So I will be sharing a few signs with you:

  1. One sided

Your relationship cannot and should not be one sided. It’s a two way game such as table tennis. I don’t think table tennis can be played by just one person. The ball has to be served by one person to the other and vice versa. Remember, no be only you waka come! If you are showing all the care, love and concern and he is just there waiting to suck it all up then its time you both had a long talk. Remember, the right hand washes the left hand and the left hand does same. He should be as concerned as you are. He should love you even more than you do. He should be worried about your well-being and want to know details of you just as much as you do him. Do not think it doesn’t matter because you will soon get to the brim of your threshold where your whole being would yearn for a reciprocation. God help you if it’s already too late.

  1. Unable to express his feelings.

I’ve heard too many people say ‘men do not know how to express their true feelings”. Where did that come from? The ones I have seen express their feeling, were they dropped from heaven?

I can quite agree that the degree to which they express their love for their women differs, therefore you would do yourself a lot of good by not comparing your man to some other man especially the ones in the movies.

Your man should be able to say the words ‘I love you’, comfortably. He should be able to tell you how much you mean to him and also show it (which is even more important). If he can’t express his true feelings towards you in his words and actions, then you need to watch it.

  1. The blame boss

If your man blames everything that happens to him on someone, everything that happens to him is someone else’s fault then you should think twice. Life is not a bed of roses. There will be ups and down, whether big or small. You don’t want to be blamed for it all, do you? Well, you can decide to be Akon and let’s put all the blame on you. 😀

  1. He hides you from his family.

You know how he avoids any conversation that would involve his family? You know how hard you have tried your cunny ways to meet any member of his family but he beats you to your game and tells you how it’s not yet the right time to meet his fam? You should watch it. He might be hiding something from you, you might just be the main side chick or he truly just wants to wait for the right time.

  1. Zero communication

The word zero is definitely me exaggerating. In every relationship there must be some form of relationship. But like the lesson we learnt from sin city, communication is the life to a long lasting relationship. If you can’t tell your man every and anything because you are not sure of what his reaction would be then it’s all wrong. You should be able to discuss anything with your man no matter how weird or demanding it might seem.

Yes you have a best friend you tell everything, but for how long is that going to be. I know we all have something we would not want to share with our man at some point but as time goes on you should grow into being able to tell him anything. If that isn’t happening then it’s a sign.

  1. Financial issues.

I know some will say am here again with my money talks but we have to talk about it o. A real man knows a woman has more financial requirements than a man. I was listening to a renowned pastor some time back and he was laying emphasis on how much more a woman needs financial care than a man. I won’t go into that bit now but please, if your man cannot take care of you financially, while dating him, then what makes you think he will start after marriage? He is doing the chase now, he is proving to you that he loves you and is ready to be responsible for you. Then he tells you, you are not his wife yet, so you are not his responsibility. My dear, open your eyes and mind. This is Nigeria (Africa. It’s a man’s duty to take care of his woman and support her and it’s also the woman’s duty to support and care for her man. There are no two ways about it. If he can’t do it now that the love is young and has not transited into the “commitment’ stage then it’s a sign. A sign to so many other things asides the topic for today.


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  1. Tell them o cos something fall in love and throw their brain away somewhere. If his not loving you more than your loving him better watch it..@shughar na real fish brain

  2. all this is really time for us to open our eyes before ‘falling in love’ and make sure that the person to catch you is true.

  3. Eziokwu? I will have to disagree with some of these points. Firstly, when it comes to expressing emotions people are different. I have never heard my father utter the words ‘I love you’ to my mum, but last time I checked they have been together close to 30 years now. Different men express emotions in different ways. On hiding you from his family, that is also relative. I have friends that their parents don’t mind meeting a different girl every month, while some others don’t like it. Plus, what if the guy just wants his relationship private? When did meeting the parents ever become the saving grace in a relationship? Lastly, you know I will talk about money. This is 2014, women have a right to education and the opportunity to work, this reliance, dependence, or expectation on men to hand out money is a spit in the face of everything feminism has fought for. And how are you women saying you aren’t cooking for guys like tradition demands, but when it’s time to collect money you know tradition…if I hear!

  4. I agree with most of the points above but I disagree on the aspect of money. A guy might not be financially strong enough to cater for d financial needs of a girl but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her or care about her needs. I also feel it should be a two way thing, a guy would always love a girl that appreciates him with gifts even when it’s not on special occasions like birthdays. The guy of course has to take some financial responsibility but if he is broke at the moment and can’t do such it doesn’t mean he doesn’t genuinely love her.

    1. These things are mere indicators. one, two may may mean no harm… but the more they are turned on, the more you should be on the look out.

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