3 Reasons why you should become a better thinker

Have you ever thought to yourself:

There’s got to be a better way to…..get this project done…spend quality time with my family….achieve those financial goals….tackle global warming“?? If so, then great! You’ve just given yourself a few reasons why you should become a good thinker. You see, becoming a good thinker will help you get better results in your life.A common misconception about “thinking”Many people think that “thinking” is simply your IQ, your intelligence. So if you have high intelligence, then you’re automatically a good thinker; but if you have low intelligence, then you’re not such a good thinker.A better way of understanding “thinking”But having a high IQ does not necessarily lead to good thinking. Your IQ is like a car engine: the more IQ you have, the more thinking “horsepower” you have. But the skill of thinking is like your “skill level” as the driver. If you are a very skilled driver with a low horsepower car, then you’re better off than if you are a low skilled driver with a high horsepower car. In fact, your thinking can often make up for any perceived lack in IQ. But, on the other hand, a high IQ does not always make up for a lack of thinking skills (just think, for example, of many university academics, who often have high IQ’s, but are unsuccessful at life otherwise).Here are 3 reasons why you should take the time to become a better thinker:1) Poor thinking (more often) leads to poor resultsIf you are a poor thinker, or do no thinking at all, then more often than not, the results you will get in life will be poor. Unfortunately, many people just operate out of gut instinct, or whatever “feels right” at the time. They do not think through decisions very well (even major decisions), but almost live by ‘flipping the coin’ to work out what to do. Sometimes they get lucky: but more often than not, their lives are full of regrets and ‘if only’.2) Good thinking leads to good resultsBecoming a good thinker allows you to make better decisions; it allows you to be more creative, coming up with new ideas. It helps you better understand and adapt to the reality of life (and be better prepared for inevitable changes). Good, clear thinkers are better able to understand the complexity of life, and act accordingly. Doing this on a consistent, regular basis will lead to better results in life.3) Thinking is a skill: like any skill, some people are naturally better at it than others. But like any skill, it can be learnt, and improved upon.Unfortunately, thinking is not something that we are taught at school: often we are taught what to think, but not how to think. But as mentioned earlier, it is a skill that can be learnt and improved upon. And the more focused you are about improving your thinking skills, the better you will become.Good thinking leads to better, more consistent results in all areas of life, whether they be relationships, business, family etc. And who wouldn’t want that?Become a better thinker

Written by – John J Alozieuwa


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  1. Creative thinking is the better skill! And yes school really doesn’t teach that or should I say doesn’t know how to teach that.

  2. Thinking has to be one of the hardest things in the world. For most people it is almost impossible to think while detached from emotion. The question is then ‘are we emotional beings that use reason to justify our feelings, or are we logical beings that use emotions to express our reasons?’

  3. An good thinker is always open minded to all possibilities, interpretations and perspectives. They understand that unless they keep an open mind at all times, that they may essentially miss important cues and pieces of information that will provide them with new insights and understandings to successfully overcome the problems confronting their reality… Be open minded so as to tackle problems and circumstances from a multitude of angles and perspectives…. Nice one writer, thumbs-up!

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