Four Ways to Know He/She is Into You For Real

Four Ways to Know Your Partner is Into You For Real - elsieisy blog - Relationship blog in Nigeria

By Eniola Ake

If a man says he is not ready to settle down, believe him the first time.

Shouldn’t it be glaring that a man likes you? Shouldn’t he shower you with gifts and lots of text messages to show his love? Why is he not doing that? Why does it feel like he is not into me?

When a woman loves a pair of shoes, very nice heels at that, she goes all the way to save up and get the heels. Shouldn’t it be that way when a man likes a woman and wants to be with her? Why isn’t he calling in to check up on me? Is something wrong? Am I not good enough?

Is he seeing someone else? These and numerous questions may arise when a man’s actions are not obvious enough to make the woman totally agree that he is into her.

However, not all men would choke you up till you have no breathing space. Some men would also want to know if you can reciprocate but that is not to say a man who likes a woman shouldn’t make attempts to show that he does.

However, love messages, calls and gift are just a few ways of expressing love. That is to say sometimes when a man is not checking up on you as often as often as you want that he is NOT the one. He may have other ways of expressing his love that is unique to him.

He engages in quality discussion

A fashionable woman who loves quality over quantity would rather buy a pair of shoes with good quality rather than quantity. one way to know he is into you is through quality discussion. A man can call every hour of the day and not pay attention to vital topics such as what plans you have for your future, what your interests, dreams, and ambitions are and what makes you get really emotional.

His commitment

You cannot force commitment. When a man is committed to you, it would not be difficult to know. You wouldn’t have to force him to check up on you neither would you doubt that he is. The moment you find yourself chasing him more than he does, then there may be a lack of commitment. A man who is ready to settle down would go all in and may communicate to you from the start that he is not ready for games but ready to make you his wife.

He shows you off to those who matter to him

Have in mind that a man can play a script to have you settle down with him only to show his true color after the marriage. However, a man who is into you would show you off to those he holds dearest to his heart even if he does not necessarily show you off to the world publicly on social media. However, the main issue here and that should be important to you is to determine if he is true or pretending to be into you probably because he feels the time is running out and may need to settle down anytime soon. Be smart.

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Get Your Heart Right

If you are still interested in playing games rather than settle down, do not be surprised if you equally attract a man who is not ready to get serious and eventually get married to you.

One of the reasons a man may not be into you is when he has certain traits or secrets he is hiding from you. When you have your right in place and you are focused on taking care of yourself as well as living life to the fullest, you would naturally repel men that are not ready.

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