#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 23, Written by @d_laru , Aderenle Laru Amosu, he blogs at www.lxaxrxux.wordpress.com I should have told you I only wanted to be friendsJust for you to hook me up with your friendsI should have told you I didn’t want a relationshipMaybe a fling while I enjoy other benefits  I should not have invited you outOr come to your officeI should have gone homeTo my cooked meals and warm bed  I should have moved away when you moved closeAnd planted that kiss on my lipsI should have said noWhen my hands clasped your boobs  I should have stopped after that first moanAnd remain friends with youBut that singular actPut me in a relationship with you  I should have woken you up every morning with a kissOr with a text or call telling you how much you mean to meCos it started to dawn on meThat I was falling in love  I remember the first time we talkedAnd I poured my heart outI remember tears streaming down my eyesAnd how much you comforted me  Stopping by each other’s officesJust for surprise visits and giftsPower lunches and chattingQuick hugs and kisses  Remember when I introduced you to my mumAbout the same day I met your mumI should have said “This is my future wife, mum”And not “This is my girlfriend”  Getting accepted amongst your friends was a little hellishRegular calls and final obeisance at the partyI should have said thank youBut I smiled and hugged you  Sometime into this journey I lost my jobI thought my life would crash and allYou stood by me and supported meI should have loved you more  When I was brokeYou sorted me outWhen I was emotionalYou comforted me  At the reunion I realized how much you loved meShowing the world you are the one for meEven though you aren’t the mushy typeYou showed bouts of feelings  Other women would have run awaySeeing their man got no jobOr nagged at not showing prospectsI should have appreciated you more  Instead I was unlovingCos I took you for grantedI flirted, and joked and sunkAnd made you mad at me  Our fights became bigAnd the void between us biggerPride became the devil between usLooks like I may lose you forever  I never wanted to reason with youI sulked after every scoldingI should have said somethingBut then, I pushed you away  For many months I avoided youAnd the hole became an abyssOur synching hearts stopped beatingAnd we fell out of love  I should have called you earlierTo tell you how much I love youI should have bought you giftsTo show how much I missed you  Now I’m trying to get backIt’s been a lot awkwardBut I’ve not stopped loving youThis I should have told you  This is what I should have told youThat baby I miss youThat baby I love youAnd baby I want you to marry me. Adenrele Laru Amosu , Twitter – @d_laruBLOG SITE: http://www.lxaxrxux.wordpress.comAlso read “Running” and It was her Thigh (18+) By @d_laruFor inquiries, send mails to elsieisy@gmail.com or tweet at @elsieisy

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