Unset sunshine

unset sunshine

#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 21, Written by Durojaiye babatunde olumide, he blogs at www.afreecanimage.blogspot.com

Do u love me ..?

No she said and I was totally happy ..

that’s great o,..

Am Going to love you forever ..wari ..and she giggle eventually..and I felt I got her closer to my nose view finallyYou going to love me too now …till am old n silly in love with you ..

Awwwn, you’ll be very good at toasting girls o with this your sweet speech ke ..now I scream out loud ..”I can’t toast o

ABI its what I see about you and me ni  joor

Our titanic will never sink na …hehehehe

And we are happy ..let roll on the flower of love ke ..our love isn’t playground as love isn’t a toy to play around with ..this moment maybe short but it felt forever basically that’s the time limits for love ..

Let’s roll the carpet of money first ke” she said and is like a bang in my eardrums ..hahahahahha..first commandment of love …do not “VEX“… Let just grow in love ke  I said .. Money isn’t love na … *Rotfl* ….Omo yi ti  jasi ni  sha …

I know money ain’t love but Money helps love to grow ..Mogbe ke ..

*Rotfl* …..money na fertililzer ABI we are farmers of love niyen o..

Money na fertilizer oo…hahahahahaha..what kinda of generation of ladies our greatest mothers gave birth to nowadays o ..why can’t I be born in those early days ago ke ..love was so real like a virgin hair ..let start loving each other first at least.. Then will grow like palm tree by the river side and if you don’t know .. Ehen ..you are my everyday blessing dosage ke

I dey chop plenty food ..but na only you I dey chop belleful and can’t quite chopping your soup of love ..

Forever fruition we going to be ..

Say YES joor ..oya please say I love you too but NO she said..basically that’s what a Dude face nowadays with everyday “Angelina Jolie” Ladies..

Ife Wa gbono ke ..I said ..

Mi o fe ife to gbono o …Ehen

Its to keep US warm at night ni  o ..

Okay okay ..what do my baby boo really want o..

For you I can pull off all ma shoes o

Now that’s a very stupid question every brother in a rush always ask a lady he thinks he is in love with ..*Pensive*And the answer comes in a Banger Lee.. Pull your bank account..frankly..

Hmmm Dude ..be smart ladies always want more ..

You want just one bank account or my accounts …? Ladies ain’t scared to break a brother even when he is broken..

Plural she replied ..now she killed it and at that moment you can judge who she really is..above all ..its doesn’t end there

*Rotfl* ….omode binrin yi …love me don’t love money keMoney can’t love one forever ke ..

But am sure …with this kind of love …forever is certain for you my dearest one

This your smile that spark up life in ma heart ..stay pricelessDear you see this heart of mine as you know it belong to you..my love for you is an endless sound of trumpet …No beat ..no tone ..lyrics ..no song ..can never match d way my heart sings for you

Now tell me you still don’t love me ..

Hmmmmmm ..this long silence will break soon as she stares at me deep inna me eyes ..

Shut Up she said ..and walk away …

Wowla ..that’s so harsh, Its exactly what a lady is made up dude ..we can never run through their walls even at their soft and weakness, however don’t stop your chase ..Ladies love it and they want a dude to breakdown this stubborn walls but dudes..observations please ..Only the soulful worthy ones …I may not know the kinda lady every dude wants ..but I do know what I want ..she must have a career and money to support me because that’s what she is created for ..lool  abi  I lie ni  ?

This story won’t end here but won’t continue .I am waiting patiently for this sun to set …

Unset Sunshine …

Written by Durojaiye babatunde olumide, Twitter – @afreecanimage


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  1. Beautiful P. S :am always looking forward to anything from this blog on my BBM feed. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up

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