Short Story – The Scar

Short Story - The Scar - elsieisy blog

by Olufunke Femi Ojo.

I know mother had warned me about the swings in school but everyone played on it.

I saw nothing wrong in having fun with my friends so today I was going to disobey mummy.  One day of disobedience won’t hurt.

A 6 year old Nigerian child with afro long hair and a big African nose, tiny body and eyes to kill for. Miss Clara always said she loved my eyes and she also said beautiful children with lovely eyes should not disobey their parents so I knew it was wrong to disobey my parents. Aunty also told me in Sunday school.

But it’s been so long Amaka had been persuading me to play on the swing and I was ready today “Just once and never again” I promised myself and it was indeed never again as the swing went up and down and up and down.  I wanted a feel of more fun so I  asked Amaka to push it with all her strength and yes she did with the help of Sandra and I was up in the air. That was the best moment ever I felt like a bird, I heard the wind rustling the trees and could almost felt I perched on a tree but how could I I’m a human just then I was jerked back to reality by the sound of screaming voices what exactly could be wrong.

I no longer felt the comfort of the shalilo(swing). I indeed perched on a tree and then I realized I had to get out of this.  I struggled endlessly to get off and I heard Aunty Clara say no stop don’t struggle but again I wont listen. I struggled I was confident I could free myself…

The noise continued I heard the horrors in Aunty Clara’s voice and the horrified look on Amaka and Sandra’s face.

The branch broke, and I felt like a bird whose wings had been cut

My leg broke,My back broke, My neck broke and I had a concussion. In coma for 5 years

Now I’d never live a normal life. I’m sixteen still in the wheel chair,Still can’t talk. All the joy I felt that day is trapped. All my other thoughts alongside. I now stare at my mother and realize I didn’t hurt myself alone I hurt my family too.

THE SCAR……. We all have one

Feature image from Art Mur

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