Memoirs of Eva – 14

memoirs of Eva

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You have a sister?“His words replayed in her mind over and over again. She wondered how she had let that slip, she was always so careful. Never talking about family and rarely bringing up friends.Her sister wasn’t just a sister to her. When her parents had begun their frequent travels around the world, it was her sister who had been there for her. She wasn’t just family by blood, she acted out the ‘family’ that their blood had given them.When Eva turned 15, her sister had left the house. By then, she was 17 and extremely wild. She had done everything their parents forbade, preferring to disobey them and live in happiness.

Eva had been the good girl, obeying every Daddy’s instructions and running at every Mummy’s call.”Eva? It’s fine if you don’t want to let me know. Just don’t keep me here while you delve into your own world.” Tunde said, standing up to wear something more covered.Eva managed to smile a little before she asked, “I do that a lot, right? Delving into my world and leaving you wondering.”Tunde nodded as he turned off the air conditioner. The room was cool enough, almost too much, he thought. “So, what’s the score? Am I knowing or nah?“”Yeah, I’ll tell you in a bit. Let me just call her back.” With that, she stepped out of the room, her hair standing up at odd places and her bra undone at the hooks.”Elisabeth, happy birthday baby. I understand you must be mad at me but I promise I’ll make it up. Dinner, a movie, an impromptu trip outside the country, anything! Just forgive me babe, please?” She rushed out in a breath as Lisa picked the call.If there was one thing Lisa and Eva did not do, it was forget each other’s special days – birthdays, office presentations, date nights – anything. It was like a code for them and Eva felt like she had just broken their Sisters’ Code.Lisa laughed on the other end of the line, enjoying the game she had played. She couldn’t stay angry at her sister for too long, she was all the family she had. “Honey bunch! I’m not angry, I promise. I knew there has to be a good reason you forgot but I needed to ruffle your feathers.”She giggled again before she continued, “However, honey, if it’s not because of a man, you’re dead. It can’t even be office-related or some ‘friends’ emergency, else you’re dead.”Eva smiled and relaxed, she had honestly thought Lisa was truly mad at her. They hadn’t fought in a long while and she intended to keep it that way. “Yes babes, it’s kinda cause of a guy. Tell you what, we’ll meet for lunch soon and I’ll tell you all the crazy events that have been happening in your crazy sister’s life. Does that seem fine?“Lisa agreed and urged her to go continue whatever it is she was doing, promising to fix a time for their lunch date.*****************”My parents indeed did try to condone her acts of indiscipline for quite a long time until she committed what you’d say was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Lisa had beat up a boy and his parents had come home demanding to see my parents. They finally saw them and did not fail to relish every gory detail their son had told them.”Eva had managed to keep the story of Lisa away from Tunde until later that evening. They had sat on one of the benches in his estate’s park having snacks when she had decided to tell him the story.”They even added more than what actually happened. My parents were so furious that immediately after they left, dad and mum packed up Lisa’s things and sent her off with some money. Dad provided everything she needed as far as she would stay away from them, from me.” She bit her lip hard, taking in a deep breath. “They didn’t want their perfect daughter spoilt. But they didn’t know that if anything, Lisa kept me in check and balance.“I’ve seen her every two months at least since then. She’s an amazing sister and doing very well for herself in her field. I remember one night I went to see my parents, an advert for an upcoming program had come up and Lisa was mentioned as one of its speakers. My parents immediately started talking about her they knew she would do well in life and asked if I had kept in touch.” She chuckled and threw a gizzard from the small chops pack they had purchased. “I walked out, faking a headache.“”So, they don’t know where she is, now? Nor that you two still talk?” Tunde asked. “Yeah, although they are now looking for her. I think they realised their rash decisions. But Lisa isn’t ready to be found yet.”Tunde nodded then subtly changed the topic and soon, they were laughing and gisting, enjoying the cool breeze the evening provided them.******************Tunde stroked Eva’s hair as she scrolled through her Instagram feeds. She had stretched out on the bench a few minutes ago and rested her head on his laps. He laughed with her as they viewed a comedy video on her IG.Almost immediately though, Eva was scrolling through more intense pictures that featured a female and a male. Tunde thought to himself that he was watching soft porn with one of the most beautiful women he had met.Before he knew what was happening, his hands have slid down her hair to her shorts and was caressing her legs through her jeans. His fingers traced long paths down her back and took an interesting walk from her face down to her ‘V’ shape.It was harmless fun to them, nothing was going to ensue from it. So when a shadow was cast by who they thought was a passerby, they didn’t think much of it.“Well, if it isn’t the driver and the lady.”

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