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I was at the last edition of IK Talks on Saturday held in Lagos, Nigeria. When a friend told me about the event, I did not have to think twice before registering. I even had to shift my fun trip to a resort centre just to attend the event. I mean, it is hosted by IK Osakioduwa, one of the Media personalities I admire and respect their craft. IK Talks – MCs & Presenters - elsieisy blog - IK osakioduwa

IK Talks is a quarterly event organised by IK himself, where he trains/speaks to other/upcoming MCs, public speakers and presenters on different topics as they relate to the business of talking. It is his own way of giving back to the society.

The event started an hour late due to unavoidable challenges – rain, but once it commenced, it was refreshing and eye opening. I learned things I hope to put to practice when I start shooting season 2 of my TV show – Crux of the Matter

Some may wonder why one needs to attend these type of events…I will explain. For me, it’s the same reason you should read some inspiration material from time to time. You may know these things but hearing them being said again helps you remember your values, re-evaluate them and understand if you are doing something right or wrong. Sometimes we know but the hassle of making things happen can drive us far away from that very information we need to get our craft/business to the next level or even maintain the tide.

So here are some of the things I relearnt at IK Talks:


Punctuality is everything.
Punctuality helps you to be cool, calm and calculated.

You are able to get comfortable with your environment.

Punctuality helps you understand the crowd.

Punctuality helps you figure out any potential problem at the event which may affect your work flow. E.g. mic

You are able to identify who is who.

Punctuality makes them identify you as part of the authorities at the event.

Dress code is important.

You need to look the part.

You don’t want to blend in.

You don’t want to distract.

Dressing well helps your confidence, help you break the ice on acceptance.

PS: Always apologise, you are master of the ceremony. Everything is your fault


Doing links

Links are your opening and closing lines when presenting and introduction to a particular segment. A link ties everything together – connecting an individual to a story. It becomes very important for you to get your links right by:

1.Write them down

You have to write your links down and/or have it written down for you. If you don’t write it down, you risk the chance of becoming the old Nollywood.

Writing your links down also helps you understand your flow.

2. Read them out

Reading them out helps you sound out what you are thinking, understand it and note if it sounds as good as it looks. Some phrases/words are better written that spoken.

3. Look straight into the camera:

4. watch out your nervous signs and slangs

5. Every time you pick up a mic, picture just one person – you must be speaking to one person at a time not a group of people.


1. Find out why you are doing an interview. Are you doing the interview for information or entertainment? It doesn’t mean when you are informing you can’t entertain or vice versa, but there has to be a focus.

2. Don’t ask a yes or no question.

3. Keep probing but be flexible.

4. be delicate with your guests.

5. Have a backup question.

6. Research

7. Get comfortable, get your guest comfortable

8. Never spread rumors

9. Address the scandals off camera

10. Frame the question according to the purpose of the interview

11. Probe without prying

12. Learn to give or you won’t get

13. Don’t finish the sentences of your guests or cut them off.

Finally, I learnt new things, got some reaffirmation and I hope you have learnt something from my notes *winks*
I am sorry I didn’t take pictures, I was battling cold, catarrh and cough at the same time. All i did after the much needed 3hours session was focus on the small chops. Judge me not

For details on the next edition of IK Talks, do visit his website – www.ikosakioduwa.com

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