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Unlike most men who may be ready for sex by having an erection, women may not necessarily be in that space. Foreplay is an integral part of a well-rounded sexual experience or can help enhance sexual experience for even when both partners are ready. It can help prepare you for sex – both mentally and physically. Most of the time, people emphasize how much foreplay matters to women – which it does – but men’s sex lives can also benefit from putting some extra effort in before intercourse. Foreplay also helps to maintain physical and emotional intimacy between couples. People are having sex regularly but the question is, how many people enjoy their sex life. To claim that you have a great sex life, your sexual partner should feel same way too. When it comes to sexual intercourse, there is always room for improvement; so here are five sexual foreplay tips to help improve your sexual experience:

Find your sensuality

Sometimes the problem with the foreplay could be that you may have lost sight of what really turns you on. Answer this simple question – Do you have sex for the sake of it or because you want to? Well if you are doing it for the sake of making your partner happy, or as a normal function, it’s time to break open the sensual bottle and dabble some on. Let your partner explore your body and senses with a slow foreplay and tease, you will be sure to see improvements.

Find out what turns them on

If you are ever going to get foreplay right, then sexual conversation cannot be avoided. Find out what and where your partner loves it. For example, women love it when the breast gets fondled but there is a difference in the how and it varies from one woman to the other. If you are old enough to engage in sexual activities then you can talk about it.

Pay attention

Everybody is different. Read how he or she responds to what you’re doing. It shouldn’t be hard to tell what’s working, and to then use this information to keep a good thing going.

Don’t forget kissing

If he or she tells you they don’t want to kiss, you are probably a terrible kisser, your partner is one or there is zero emotion. Take kissing classes if you have to but don’t forget kissing

Erotic dancing for men

Seeing a woman grinding on a man is a regular sight but do you know how much grinding on a woman can turn her on? Yes it does. Men can switch this up by working on their body, owning a sexy figure, wearing a sexy brief and being as sexy as they feel.

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