Are men scared of successful women?


The idea that men are intimidated by a successful woman is one I feel requires a close look at as we continue to breach gender gaps and women get into positions of power. Yesterday my father was telling me about a successful female banker that cannot find a husband no matter how hard she tries. She even went as far as renting a flat and buying a car for her last boyfriend but that wasn’t enough to keep him. To the least of my surprise he said this is a reoccurring trend with so many successful females so it got me thinking.

I think men have naturally evolved to feel a need to be some sort of a provider and protector. A man’s ability to take care of his family gives him purpose and forms the foundation for his ego. Women have also played a role in this by mostly going for men that can provide resources which has further compounded the problem. We can argue that this is just a social construct, but it is none the less our state of existence.

A man is not necessarily intimidated by a woman’s success, but we can be intimidated by a woman more successful than us. In other words intimidation to success is relative. You can make $999,999 as long as we are making $1,000,000. This intimidation can also spread into men being wary of potential success hence why a woman’s intelligence can be intimidating if he perceives her to be more intelligent than him. With the way society is progressing it has become difficult to single-handedly support a home which means men now find ourselves in a position where our other half has to be bringing something to the table too.

This has made the male idea shift from looking for someone who is just a manager of asset to someone with gathering traits as well. These days most guys are quick to say they don’t want someone just there to eat but someone willing to contribute to the building process as well.

Now ladies before you go crazy and nail us to the cross for not being so happy for your success just think about how you really feel about a househusband. When women put the requirement for success as low as men, men would learn to not feel so intimidated. We are not intimidated because we do not wish you the best, we are intimidated because your success can make us feel less adequate and at risk of losing you to someone more successful.

Written by William Moore -
Written by William Moore –

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