When It’s All Said And Done…

When It's All Said And Done... - elsieisy blog

By Lekan Linkin Lofinji

No one ever plans for improbable outcomes in the cause of their life’s quest and that is why bad things happen to both good and bad people. These days sef! Good people suffer more ill-luck, so there is really no motivation for bad people to stop doing their evil deeds.

More reason the bad have become badder or even baddest while a huge chunk of the few good ones are beginning to relinquish their goodwill to conspiring forces of evil, and even going the extra mile to becoming the Devil’s advocates. This was evident when a certain Davido did sing out loud for all who cared to listen in one of his hit songs that he is badder than all of us, then Olamide came up later to tell us that he is the “baddest boy that ever liveth” like say na competition.

Now, fans of both music greats shouldn’t go crying blue murder yet. Hush! Don’t start casting aspersions preparing to hurl stones at me when what you’ve had is only a taste of the cherry. I’m getting somewhere…

You see, when I was three years, I had a dream that one day we would see a world where square pegs will be put in round holes turning in freely with no holds barred; A time when the word conscience will be in doldrums, going into a “no-raised eyebrow extinction.”

Fast forward to 2016 – Now, I’m seeing that world on 3D already; people in heated competitions for “who sin pass?”Some men are even giving the Devil a run for his money, trying all within their arsenal to dethrone him just like he tried to dethrone God in the celestial war of antiquity and yet they call it karma.

Call me a prophet of doom and I will remind you of your faux pas the day the devil gives you a life medal for your longstanding devotion to evil and its affiliates.

Imagine what the world was some 2-3 decades ago and juxtapose it with what is obtainable today you will see how far we’ve drifted from normalcy. Then externalize what will become of this same world 2-3 decades away, what do you see? Do you fear for your kids?

As I grab my binoculars to look into the future, all I see is chaos. A day will come when Beasts will roam freely on our planet while good men will be forced to find refuge in the wilds. At a time like that to live in the wilds will be better than dwelling among the present day MAN (especially Fulani herdsmen and Muslim extremists). We will find a safe haven there, don’t you think?

Why wait for the mark of the beast when the beast in question kneels down before us in awe? And now, the devil constantly sips vodka with an heavy dose of popcorn as he basks himself in the euphoria of the cinema experience, watching men outsmart and out-muscle him in the art of evil. I’m within ear-shots as I hear his depraved soul converse with his multiple personalities, asking the big question; will there really be any true believer left at the sound of the trumpet?

Even the devil runs for his dear life when he sees the evil men do, little wonder he calls us dare devils.

I was opportune to read a letter he wrote to man in one of my fairy tale dreams as a restless 15 year old. But to be honest I would be lying if I call this particular one a dream, it was indeed a nightmare.

On this fateful day, I had just finished reading one badass occult book, “SHE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE “by Dr. Rebecca Brown – a former High Priestess/Bride of Lucifer. The friend that borrowed me the book and even the book itself had warned me not to read it at night, but my stubborn self did not only read it at night, I read it in the dead of night under candle lights when men roamed the face of the earth, flying at heights even eagles wouldn’t dare and the forces of evil conspired as they lurked in the darkness. I saw the strangest things I had ever seen in my life that night. I’m sure you are not expecting me to tell you what I saw, this is reality and I’m not ready to go into permanent oblivion yet. However, the letter I saw delivered to MAN in my nightmare began like this;

Dear Devils,Yours Truly,Lucifer

The dude was even scared to address himself as the devil because the evil men do constantly beats his imagination. People of the world that is how easy we make the job of the devil seem.

At the onset of his life Lucifer had thought Adam and Eve were easy preys, now he can’t even enjoy the legendary status of the deadliest predator on earth because MAN now preys on him. The 21st century MAN really do make the work of soul-winning easy for the devil. In fact, the devil’s KPI (duties) many times clash with that of many of our “so called pastors”. Surprisingly they now do his work.

As I speak (abina write sef), they are still trying to find a common ground, not been able to separate duties. Men now play God with reckless abandon for an entire moment, forgetting that Lucifer wasn’t even God for a second before he kissed the floor and was banished for eternity.

We can tell ourselves we live in a free world but remember that this world is really not our home. We are all tenants here even if you own the biggest and most exquisite luxury apartment in Banana Island or you lay claims to large expanse of land in Eko Atlantic city, you will still be evicted anyways. We will all leave this world behind to take full, permanent residency in heaven or hell when it’s all said and done.

Are you then doing your best to live your life for the “TRUTH”? And that depends on what you term the “TRUTH

Whether you are a Muslim, ISIS, Boko haram sympathizer, Fulani herdsman, Niger Delta Avenger, Winners adherent, Redeemed henchman, Deeper life devotee, Jehovah witness, Love world enthusiast, White garment church addict, T.B Joshua faithful, Catholic Church attendee, Atheist, Free thinker et al; the defining factor during that moment of truth will eventually be what you said and did whilst you drew breath on earth according to the dictates of THE ONE who owns your life, and too bad if THE ONE you thought was THE ONE is not THE ONE on that day.

Now, that will be double tragedy; what Fela would call double wahala for dead body because only one fate awaits you.

Remember, on the last day only true believers will be raptured,will you be one of them? Your time starts now!

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  1. Well scripted. Again Lekan u have left me in deep thots with your write up. May the present day MAN wake up and smell the coffee before its too late.

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