Work On These Things In This Month Of September

Work On These Things In This Month Of September - elsieisy blog

At the beginning of last month (August), I shared my fears with you all on this blog. I told you how scared I am but still living. I woke up this morning to September and yes I am grateful for life. I am grateful to be among the living. Many started the year 2016 with us but have since gone to rest. Some we mourned and some we moved on like it didn’t concern us. Such is life, right?

So I ask myself: what did August do for me? What did I learn and how close am I to launching my new business.

I have learnt to take things slowly. My mantra for a while has been – slowly but surely, but I have also worried a lot while chanting that mantra. The difference between now and when I started using the mantra is that I no longer worry. I think, I decide, I execute and chill.

I am proud to say my discipline game is still intact and this is what I want you reading this to work on in this month of September. I am not here to tell you your September will be better than August, that’s just cliché. Of course it has to be. But there are habits and attitudes we need to cultivate in order to maintain the best when it comes.

Work On These Things In This Month Of September - elsieisy blog


Learn focus – For me, there are things I do asides blogging, like transcribing, Social media management for small and medium scale businesses, Radio and my new baby coming up which is an online store for private things *wink*. If you are talking and trying to involve me in things which will not impact all that I have mentioned positively, directly or indirectly, then I am not interested. It’s not pride, its knowing that these businesses I run are at a stage where I need to be focused and exert all my energy into them.

Think not worry – as humans its natural for us to worry especially when we do not know what the future holds. We panic and then make rash decisions. Worrying will only cloud your judgement while thinking will help you view the problem at hand with a clear head. Yes there is a problem, we know, so why worry? Worrying will not solve anything but compound the problem. You should think of possible solutions, lay them out, trust your guts and pick the best. If you find it difficult to not worry then ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen from this situation? You would realise the worst has happened and there is really nothing to worry about.

Be disciplined – I was listening to Nasco moments on Happenings Radio yesterday where the guest said something that struck me right. He said the small businesses we have in Nigeria actually succeed but the attitude and character the entrepreneur have towards their very first success usually ruin the business. They forget there should be time for sacrifice. They make their big sales or big break and the first thing they think of is how to pop Champagne thereby popping their gain + cost without thinking. I know some friends of mine say my lifestyle is boring, I hardly party neither do I do those things society expect of a lady my age. But the truth is, there is always time for some certain things and if your lifestyle must be extravagant then do it at the right time. I know I love my ‘me time’, I love being in the comfort of my home, blogging, putting down my thoughts and basically waiting a whole lot of things out while on the other hand, you want to be at every happening function and party. But one thing I want to say is, if these gatherings are not adding to your life and business, why do them? Why be everywhere? Why pop because somebody is popping or has challenged you to? Maintain your discipline while making hay while the sun shines. Cut your coat according to your size. Do the important things. Maintain balance in your personal and social life. If you do not get it now, you never will get it.

Never follow the crowd – stop doing things because people are doing it. Do not join a conversation because people are talking about it. Think before you speak or type. Let no one convince you to take a step by saying ‘oh look, other people are taking this step and it’s working for them’. You are not other people and it may not work for you. Be calculated always and take calculated decisions.

Be calm and calculated.

And you see that ember month shit, let it go. You can’t be reading my blog and still have the ember month mentality. September, October, November and December are just like every other month before them.

Happy new Month!

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  1. Humans in general are a work in progress. We all must just aspire to be the best that we can be each passing moment as time waits for no man

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