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ISL terrorists are moving closer to conquering the city. Its Yemen nah, you think these crazies are joking?

Michael shows us he is still Michael as he opens the lighting appliance in his cell and makes his way to the prison roof (remember Fox River? I am beginning to think the best way out of all prisons are the roof) where he waits for a signal from the lights but either their contact at the other end is dead since it is three nights in a row that the signal had failed to come or they had been betrayed.

C-Note tells Lincoln about Kaniel Outis’ “crimes” against the government but though they both agree that a botched escape attempt sounded like Michael the doubt of him not acknowledging them when they visited the prison remained (this is where I shake my head and ask them how they had survived four seasons of this show and still find it hard to believe that Michael can actually intentionally deny them, come on people) a sound at the door cuts their boring dialogue of trying to make us believe they couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Michael denied them (thank God, they were acting like they didn’t read about Peter denying the Christ), Linc chases the kid who was at the door and comes back empty handed to see one of Michael’s trademark message bearers: the paper swan! (Can they just agree now that Michael knew what he was doing and get on with the show?) The message says: “FIND THE SHEIK OF LIGHT AND I WILL BE FREE”.

Sheba is telling her dad to leave but he stubbornly refuses, saying things like “rather stay than run away”. Representatives -albeit in unofficial capacity- of the United States Penitentiary shows up and though she refuses to help, Lincoln used a wad of dollar bills to prove his point and she agrees to crack the coded message.

Back to civilization and relative organized society, Sarah drops Mike at school and receives the video they shot at Yemen (obviously, Yemen has better data connection than Lagos and they were in the middle of a war!), she watches the video after which Jacob calls her, all happy about getting shot. She goes to the CIA office to find Michael and meets Kellerman, Sarah doesn’t buy his crap about try to famz because to both have families now so he tells her Kaniel Outis is a wanted man in the killing of a senior CIA official and tells her or shows her that Michael is Kaniel.

Ogygia again (holds breath), Michael’s friends are losing their minds over the delay in the escape plans and background booms are not helping their nerves.

Sheba somehow discovers a phone number in the paper (don’t even ask me how) and dials it, gets the name of the director of electrical works of the city, Lincoln tells us it is the Sheik of light. The ‘Sheik’ is not there as he is reported to have gone in search of his daughter in the suburbs. No one tells you ‘God be with you’ and ‘Good luck’ when going into a dangerous place unless you won’t be expected back alive, so Sheba goes along.

Sarah is contacted by Kellerman who sends her a mail that show Michael implicated by some camera footage and thankfully she saves us the time of telling the producers that we aren’t fooled by these things.

Ja, one of Michael’s cell mates is watching a concert on a phone Michael had somehow managed to smuggle in (yes we understand why they showed that scene).

Jacob goes all ‘game theory’ on Sarah to make her believe Michael is just one cold, calculating bastard (I think he is too, but I don’t like this Jacob guy one bit).

Sid, who is in for homosexuality tells Michael is fears and we find out that it was Sid’s contact that was responsible for killing the lights, Michael asks for a piece of gum (I too don’t know what he plans to use it for). He heats water and uses it to create an artificial fever and the guards come to carry him to the prison clinic.

Lincoln bets with the guard that they would make it back out of the enemy territory (500 dollars) and they are let through the roadblock.  Sheba meets a familiar face (though it has one eye less) and they luckily make it as government troops advanced towards them.

The chief guard beats Michael in the clinic and after he leaves one beard-gang guard gives him pain killers.

Lincoln, C-Note and Sheba takes the roof as there are guards outside the house address of the Sheik of light, and their noise alerts the guards who start a house to house search.

Michael produces the pills he hid under his tongue and gives Ja, the Asian who I thought was sick but actually was experiencing drug addiction withdrawal; he asks for his cell phone and a credit card number, he tells him he wants to order a pizza.

Linc goes all James Bond as he snatches a truck and they race towards the government check point with a machine gun behind them (here is what I don’t understand: how do the troops immediately believe they are not suicide bombers? Because the enemy cannot wave white flag? Let me just believe like that). They make it, needless to say. The Sheik of light tells them his son is Sid, he is in for homosexuality, and he had told him about the plans that hinged on the light signals.

Sarah doesn’t find Mike after school and she panics only to find him with a paper flower which he says came from a pizza man, Sarah (a graduate of Scofield School of hidden clues and mystery solving) discovers the hidden message: “ HIDE EVERYBODY, A STORM IS COMING”.

They see the signal as the lights go out two times, but Sid says it might be too late as Ramadan  had begun which meant that prisoners in Solitary confinement  would be released into the general populace, men like Abu Raman who hates foreigners, homosexuals and sinners. Abu Raman steps out (oh yes! He is beard gang too) he says a short prayer and walks up to Michael, and we all hold our breaths for the confrontation between  both of them, but they hug and Michael even tells him the escape plan is on the next night.

Oh my my!

by Obinna Jones

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