Crux of the Matter TweetChat Recap: Taking Advantage of Your Creative Prowess – Amama Benn Benedict @BennyCarpricorn

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So we went all intellectual last Friday when we had Amama Benn Benedict, a Digital Media Strategist (Mediaprenuer) cum Social Media Influencer & Blogger on #CruxoftheMatter Tweetchat, give us tips on Taking Advantage of our creative prowess.

Mr. Benedict is an Architect, Educator, Researcher and Discoverer. He is the Creative Director of BennyCapricorn Media.

Below is a recap of the conversation with Elsie Godwin on Crux of the Matter Tweetchat:

Is creativity an inborn talent? Is every human creative?

Yes and No. Some Persons are born with Talents, Some others learn until they Master the Talent Learnt. The basic truth is even those Born with it undergo training and retraining to better their Talents. Every human has an innate Talent.


When is one’s creativity at its height?

Creativity is at its peak when you have mastery and can carry out an activity effortlessly without flaws.

What are the habits that can harm one’s creativity?

  1. If your brain is crammed with too much data, it can’t function efficiently & it affects creativity
  2. Letting your environment get in the way – distractions and inconveniences like phone calls, health, friends checking etc.
  3. The thought that you are not creative – that becomes a fixation and puts you at a spot
  4. Functional Fixedness – seeing things the way they are and not beyond, believing you can’t convert a spoon to a knife etc.
  5. Fear of Failure – People are too scared to even try new things or explore their talents because they fear they’d fail.


How can we take advantage of our creative prowess?

Creativity arises from a constant churn of ideas, and one of the easiest ways to encourage it is to keep working. Keep your mind engaged with your project or activity, when you work regularly, inspiration strikes regularly. You have a Skill in a particular activity or field, go all out & show the world what you can do, never think limits.

Do you think Entrepreneurs are more creative than none-entrepreneurs?

Definitely, as Entrepreneurs are investors in Skills whether theirs or other people, entrepreneurs are creative thinkers.

What’s the difference between skill and talent and how can these two affect our creativity?

Skill is the ability to do something well; expertise, while talent is natural aptitude or skill. When Talent is put to proper use and trained, Creativity is enhanced but if a person is passive Creativity is buried.

Can our environment affect our creativity? If yes, how?

Our Environment Affects Creativity – Phone notifications/ringing, your Back hurting from sitting too long, external noise, etc.

Conditions may never be perfect, but when things get too distracting, you simply won’t be able to concentrate on your problem.

Always try to establish a creative space with optimum conditions for Creativity.

Major mistake creative people make:

Being too Logical, Expert syndrome (I know it all).

Do you think there is enough room for creative people in Nigeria?

There sure is. Most Creative People have put to use their Entrepreneurial Skills. We see lots of people making money today. Nigerian Entertainers, Sportsmen, Entrepreneurs etc. all doing very well and more springing up.

Advice for creative people:

Be ruthless with your talents, constantly do a lot of practice and training, upgrade from what you know to what you don’t.

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