AUDIO – Things Guys say that gets naive girls

Elsieisy.comKindly press play below and  listen. Don not forget to use the comment box please. I am eager to know your view on this topic, whether for or against my stand. 😀


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  1. Elsie- you are wicked!what is your own sef? if you dont want to give someone ur cookie why stop others from giving out their cookie? heehn…dont sound like the pharisees that do not want to enter the kingdom and are also trying to stop others from entering ohhh! God is watching you. pls oh leave allow these gals to give cookie oh! you can keep your own …mtchew! lol

    1. Please tell her biko. Elsie doesn’t know that some of these girls are not even dating material. If they can’t give cookie no one would even come close to them. Cookie is all they can offer or they can choose to die alone. I would say tell them to develop personality and ambition so they actually have something to bargain with. When spending time with a girl is less fun than watching paint dry why won’t we tell her whatever needs to be said to turn on the waterworks? lol

  2. Elsieisy thanks for dis short piece. I soo agree with u on wat u just said. most guys re fond of saying all these things to naive girls… they also tell u dat ure proud, u lack manners or u’ve got attitude problem nd sooo on………..

    1. Azzzinnn ehn, thanks for adding the ones i forgot jare. if i am proud and lack manners….face front.

  3. Hain! Prince and loopscard….. Mok una fear God o! Lmaooooooooo.@elsie- the surprising thing is that girls actually fall for these things! As in, really, is that not what it means to have ‘fish brain’? How can you still be swayed by such rubbish in this 21st century biko? How???? As for the guys, you can’t blame them. One girl has fallen for him or someone he knows with those lines that’s why he has the guts to utter rubbish. Lagos boys are probably the most guilty of this crime. Island boys especially! As in they talk about having sex with you like they are talking to a runs girl then when you politely refuse, they will try to whine you with these things and more and when you still refuse the pained niggas will start insulting u. Lol. I’d rather be a spirikoko, a toddler and a novice than fall for their bullshit. Nice post,Elsie…. See as my comment long pass the actual post. Lol

  4. LWKMDO…… Really the moment a guy starts using all these adjectives, ladies its time to walk!….. He really doesn’t give a crap about you, he just wanna get down. If you ask me that is Emotional rape! Meanwhile no be go begin tell you my trade secrets…. Eeehhhnnnn let my sister too use her head and know which guy is good enough for her to pull her pata down for!… Byeee

  5. i just resisted the temptation not to respond to @shugar @allison @anonymous . “The cookie go crumble one day, and if man no chop, dog go chop” -by Anonymous

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