Marri-Age 2

Last week, OluFemi (@fragiletimbzz ) spoke to the African woman (click here to read last week’s article) but this week he decides to speak to the African men.Enjoy and reflect.Marriage isn’t all about putting food on the table, it is not about paying the bills. You are supposed to be an example, not a boss. You ought to lead, why command? For all the men that read the 1st episode (Marri-Age) of this series, I am happy to inform you that we also have our flaws. It takes two to tango, and at such you have a major responsibility in seeing that a relationship works out. Unfortunately reverse is the case, “we have ruined everything.” Do you actually think you have the right to point accusing fingers? Most of our ladies do not understand what it means to be an African woman, but it is also true that you have turned your pride as an African man into a rag – Swags? Rome wasn’t built in a day. A thousand (little) efforts gave birth to Rome, no wonder it is still standing. Marriages have been effortlessly dissolved because most men are greedy, they always want to have an extra plate of pleasure. Wasn’t that what they spent their youth doing? Feeding on other peoples sisters while protecting theirs – gluttons. They call(ed) it big-boyrism. No wonder their Rome is broken, it was built on lies and deceit. What amazes me most is the way such men guide their sisters and guard their daughters – karma is lurking. African Man In my article The Amazing Lies, I described an average male as a creative liar, always putting his sugar-coated tongue to use just to get her pants off. Girls, quit slumbering. That SMS isn’t just romantic, it is a lie – in most cases.You had the foreknowledge that she was in a relationship, yet you ruined it only to desert her for another. Being happy at the expense of others – selfishness. Baddo! How may relationships have you broken? The future awaits you, someone will also come and stir up your marriage with a mouldy pestle. I am not cursing; if that never happens, then be sure that the spirit of ‘swaggerlicious’ will ginger you to wreck other peoples home. Isn’t that your specialization – cheating at any given opportunity. Loyalty is what true men are made of, you ought to give to that woman twice the respect your boss earns from you. You have to start seeing that girl as your sister. Women are meant to be cared for, protected, and corrected. If your wife is a punching bag, then you are a tout. You are the type of man that will pick up a fight with an Okada rider while your children watch on. No wonder Nigeria’s democracy is faulty – ditto to the wrestlers in the Rivers State house of Assembly. (Like in Mountain of fire, take this prayer) Oh yea woman, that has been turned to a punching bag, what are you waiting for? Run by Fire!!! Run till you can’t catch the sight of that monster anymore, and if you think running will bring harm to your kids’ future, humble him by beating him up one day. That is what he deserves. It is an act of cowardice for any man to open his mouth and emit dust, “women are weaker vessels”. Let women be pot-bellied with beer while you get pregnant, then we can critically analyze what it means to be weak.It is your duty to make that woman/girl happy, that’s what makes you two compatible. Compatibility isn’t being of the same character, rather it is being able to cope with each other’s excesses. Understand her, let her smile make you happy, and her tears make you sad. Know her, understand her words and solve her silence. No one can truly be married/in a relationship till you understand every word your spouse/partner isn’t saying. Every little detail matters, deny yourself of that important football match just for her to see a movie on Africa Magic. Your meal overnight will taste different, you will wake up refreshed.If you want her in your future, plan a life with her, if not, don’t waste her time. Don’t just ‘wife’ her, love her. She is your life partner. When your friends come around, don’t relegate her to the oblivion. She is important, let her know. You can be a con, it is your life. Maybe a 419iner, the law may not catch up with you. My advice for you, don’t ever date/marry a girl because of her wealth. You’ve swindled a score of girls, you call yourself baddest boy. How does it feel to know you’re cementing your future in the cemetery of poverty? – baddest curse! If you don’t love her, let her know. Why the sympathy? When you date a girl out of pity, two things happen. You ruin her life, and you lack love for the rest of your life. “He who finds a woman finds a good thing.” Yes! However, marriage isn’t just about marrying the girl you love, it is about loving the woman you married. What if one day, another man battered your sister’s face before sending her to you? RESPECT THAT GIRL/WOMAN!Follow @fragiletimbzz www.femifragile.comKindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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  1. I am not an advocate of immorality! But, I quite understand a long time ago that everybody is responsible for his/her woes. The question is “why would I blame anyone for my flaws?” I expect nobody to blame anyone for his/her downfall. We should come to the realisation of the fact that we are the architects of our very own lives. Why would a lady put off her pant, when she’s ask to do so? In the name of what would she do that? Money, fame, sugar-coated words or mouth? Come on! Let’s be realistic! I aint defending any guy who destroys lives, but also let everyone knows that nobody gets anything done except by collaboration!

  2. I absolutely love this, I wish a more “men” would see and actually read this. A lot of them have misinterpreted the words of the bible which advices women to stay loyal to their husbands and think they can do anything to women and expect them to put up with anything they do with them. I’ve promised myself that I will NEVER take any form of physical, emotional, or mental abuse from anyone that calls himself my boyfriend/husband……….I rest my case!

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