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The Taxi Park can get very rowdy at times, if they are not talking about politics, its football or something. Men talk a lot, a man can talk about something he loves passionately for hours…maybe that’s why Men have had better love songs than women..

As my thoughts diminish slowly I hear distant chattering of my fellow colleagues

That Thing na penalty guy

How this guy gosey no be penalty?

Him Clear am…No dey talk that rubbish…abi your TV for house no clear

Oh there was a match yesterday I laughed

I Love Sports, I watched sports, But I missed this particular match because I overslept.

Their argument went on…

Which fan you be sef?

I sure say na arsenal fan, because na arsenal fans dey talk all this kain nonsense na why una never win champions league.

Abeg Abeg Abeg Baba leave that one…I Got up from my chair,

Why e be say every time na Champions league you go dey talk? When you start be Chelsea fan sef?? No be 2000 and eh 6 abi 7. Abeg Baba sit down

He retorted, See Efeoh…but na true I dey talk una don win champions league?

Oya answer?

When Last Una beat us?? Answer?

Answer na? Abeg who dey top table? Abeg guy go sitdown

I didn’t have a response because sometimes your team can put you in helpless positions.

And I sure sey you no watch the match, But when you hear arsenal your ear go stand… as he ridiculed on.

Abeg seun you sef know say Arsenal get mouth pass Chelsea..

Abeg Who wan go airport I no wan go that place, Traffic too much

Efe you go go airport??

I looked at my watch? 2:35pm and Mrs. Abayomi hasn’t called in days, and I have not had a customer all day…Of course

This Middle Aged Lady Smartly dressed,

Its 7000

‘5000 it’s not 4 yet, traffic hasn’t started’ she said,

Fair enough deal,

Seun abeg tell Shafa sey when I come back I go give am the money,

Put her luggage in the boot of the car, they were not too much, She was middle aged lady and she looks like someone that really takes care of herself

We headed for the airport as usual, with my stereo on

The lady seemed to have a lot on her plate as she kept flipping through documents,

Turn that down a bit,


I’m On My Way already,

I really don’t want to talk about this right now, I need to clear my head

Bye as she cut the phone and dropped it, her mood dropped as she now look mellowed,

Her Phone Rang couple of times

What could be that bad that she doesn’t even want to talk about it and requires leaving the country, I thought in my head as I bought gala for myself to eat in traffic.

The Traffic was moving slowly and her Phone Rang again,

She picked

Hmmn Yewande I don’t know how I feel

I know, he called and wanted to talk, I can’t again…

No please, this is not about that, why can’t he for once Man up to his responsibility?

Anytime his Mother starts her I want Grand Child stories and all, he will always support her and not let me talk then when she leaves he thinks it’s nothing, Please!

And so?

Yewande, I’m a woman and I have feelings too, you are a witness even with My Busy schedule I am still a good wife.

Cook, Clean even for his Rude Mother

Oh So Because I haven’t had a child yet I am now a bad wife??

Tell me now?

Hmmn, I know,

I just feel I’m not ready yet, The Marriage is 3 years, already baby, Abeg Abeg let’s talk about another thing,

I can’t Live with such bitterness, Even when the baby comes how am I sure she will Love the Child? My Children with a bitter grand mom and I’m not ready.

That is the one that pained me the most…

I swear…


That ehn, I Only Care about work? I am securing future for my kids and he is thinking like a fool.


Men Ehn..

If he falls and dies tomorrow and his people might want to kill me for even this small one oh,

He is not happy now, Ode oshi,

I’m Coming Before Christmas,


I work Better from ATL

Abi Oh * Laughs*

Leaving the house for them, Let them enjoy themselves I have had enough

Call me back abeg, I am at the airport

Sorry, She Said as she gathered all her documents, grabbed her purse and gave me my money.

She made her way to the airport,

She is actually walking out of her marriage? Why can’t she work things out? I mean why can’t she give birth? The Mother wants a child and that’s a bad thing? And why is she blaming the man for always being on his mother’s side?

She probably doesn’t know that Men don’t like being in that Mother/Wife argument and if Pushed most they will pick the mother’s side? Maybe is true her ambition is her Main Priority… Then I thought what is actually wrong with a woman being ambitious? She has a point life can be fucked up, the man dies tomorrow and he is left with nothing and will suffer with those kids and trust Nigerian families abandon and forget she exists.

Meanwhile they wanted grand children


Well What Do I Know? I’m Just a cab man and I’m just here to serve you

*radio plays* LookuLooku – Mavins

 Written by Sir-Jaydee

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