Relationship Tips

1. Never never take what the relationship experts say. There is no one size fits all.

2. it’s better to say what’s on your mind than waste a life thinking of what might or might not have happened had you spoken up.

3. it’s foolish to think “if he/she is mine, they’ll be back”. Fight for what you want.

4. There is a time to end the fight and move on. No point managing a damaged car. Get a new one.

5. Ladies it’s pointless to have a close friend dats a guy and a boyfriend. I assumed the boyfriend would be both. Abi you’re looking for casba?

6. Cooking and cleaning his house won’t guarantee his love for you. Are you a house girl ni?

7. If you want a rich man/woman, u better not settle or resentment will be your companion.

8. Don’t use your previous relationship as a yard stick. Each is unique.

9. Guys you foot the lady’s bills not the other way around. That’s the way life it…so stop complaining.

10. What’s he doing dating you for 10years without giving you a proper wedding. Are you his sister or his babe?

11. Sometimes patience pays, just make sure it’s not stupidity.

12. He cheated. Forgive him if you can. Move if you can’t and stop crying. There are men out there who DON’T cheat.

13. Sharing relationship issues with your friends is dicey. Just be sure that friend has your back. If not talk to the wall. It works.

14. Never demand marriage from a guy, it makes you look cheap. He hasn’t asked…then wait! If you can’t, I haven’t got the solution.

15. Make sure the love or likeness is reciprocal. Don’t fool yourself with signs and wonders.

16. My ideal man or woman? For some it exists, for some it doesn’t. Find which category you fall into.

17. Shut up listen. This is a bad approach for any relationship.

18. Sometimes trying to get the guy to talk about his feeling is counterproductive. Give him his space.

19. Ladies, listen more.

20. True love exists. That’s all I know!

By Tope Olofin (@Toperants )


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  1. If tope says true love exist, then it exists……. One more tip; no matter the situation, sincerity is key. Don’t ever lie to sustain your relationship, it is like putting a paper boat on water, it will float for a while but will eventually drown.

  2. Awww… Tips indeed are key,you sure have turned into an expert yourself… In addition,place and lay all of your fears and emotions before God.

  3. Point 1 should have been in caps sef. lol…. Bet Tope, you said you do not believe in love na -_-I will come back and read this again when I am in a relationship. lol

    1. One boy is turning her head, now she is a believer lol. Love was invented by Hollywood to get women hooked on something the way men are hooked on porn. We know these things haha

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