Chivalry ain’t Dead – “Cute things my boyfriend has done for me”

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Hey Elsians,

Not all men are trash

Chivalry ain’t dead

Love is real

The above are words from Miss Chindiya’s thread where she highlighted all the cute romantic gestures her man has showered on her. Some will ask why she brought this to social media but I say a big thank you to her for sharing the good part of her relationship. We cannot all be eager to hear sad stories but turn deaf ears to the sweet side effects of being in a loving relationship where your partner loves you and shows it. See images below:

chivalry 1 chivalry 2 chivalry 3 chivalry 5 chivalry 6 chivalry 7 chivalry 8 chivalry 9 chivalry 10 chivalry 11 chivalry 12 chivalry 13 chivalry 15 chivalry 16 chivalry 17 chivalry 18 chivalry 19 chivalry 20 chivalry 21 chivalry 22 chivalry 23 chivalry 25

What matters more are sweet romantic gestures that can make your lover go awww…a sweet gesture can make your partner’s day, even if its done in the smallest way.

For those who claim not to understand romantic gestures or have an idea of what to do, i hope this post inspires you to be more expressive.

To see the tweet thread on twitter, click HERE


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