Her Package From The Mall (R-18+)

By Damescaucus.

Someone was watching her. She knew it was a guy. She could feel the piercing gaze singe her back like hot coals. She was used to this feeling. Men saw her and stared; not because she was the most beautiful lady there was. As a matter of fact, Niyola didn’t think she was as beautiful as people professed. Whenever she stared in the mirror, all she ever saw was a slim, pretty girl with elfin features. Her large dark eyes were embedded in a slanted bed, framed by incredibly lush lashes. Her nose was small and perfect for her face. Niyola smiled as she thought of her mouth. Her lips were a problem though. They were full, luscious and incredibly pouty. She didn’t need to put in an effort… Her lips just seemed to pout all on their own and gave Niyola a look so sexual, it attracted stares.

She didn’t turn around or bother to find out who was staring this time. She was too busy trying to decide what product of bodyspray she was going to purchase. She lost herself in the array of pseudo-exotic names that came with the different brands on display: ‘Midnight Musk… Lush Safari… Caramel Desert… Hot Tamale…’ She chuckled to herself and quietly reached for the bodyspray with ORIGINAL stamped boldly on it. Moving down the aisle, she perused the different counter display of cosmetics, tucking away the thoughts of whoever had been watching her. Stopping by the end of the aisle to gaze at hairbrushes, a sudden ringtone made her look to her right.

“Hey Tunji whaddap? Meeeehn, I’m inside ShopRite o… Are you serious? Fuck-up… Abeg, guy I don’t have credit for that joor… If you want to go, no P. When I’m done here, I’m going home to eat Pizza, drink JD and play PS till I fall asleep…. Your fada! It’s you that has mansion on Team Forever Alone Camp. Abeg gerrout….”

Niyola smiled as the guy hung up on his friend with a laugh. She liked his voice. It was deep and playful… But she liked his looks better. He was tall, handsome and his skin glowed. He looked like someone based abroad. She felt the stare again and this time she caught him giving her a speculative once-over. She stared back at him, making sure her eyes burned him right back. His mischievous eyes danced at her audacity and a smile tugged at his lips. She didn’t smile back. Instead, she let her eyes travel down his black T-shirt down to his crotch and allowed her gaze linger there for a while. Still staring at his crotch, she grabbed a hairbrush from the counter and disappeared.

The next aisle had baby stuff so she walked on down till she came to the aisle that displayed alcohol. She counted to ten slowly then looked up with a smile. There he was, standing in front of the Jack Daniel display. He turned to look at her and she felt a sudden heat course through her body. The heat must have reflected in her eyes because he smiled and winked at her, grabbed a bottle of JD and did his own disappearing act. Mentally running a brief To-Do list in here head, Niyola was inexplicably pleased that she had nothing important to do back home. This afforded her time to play silly STARE and SEEK games with Stranger “forever alone”.

She watched him join the queue for pastries and also joined. He got pizza and she got cakes and a hotdog. Being ahead of her in line, he turned occasionally to look at her. She stared back at him, her almond shaped eyes flicking away at just the right moment. He suddenly seemed bored with the staring game so as soon as his pizza was ready, he took it and headed for the cash point without a backward glance. Niyola smiled and shrugged nonchalantly. She got out her iPod, turned it on and stuck the ear piece in her ear while she waited for her hotdog.

With her earpiece still stuck firmly in place, Niyola headed out of ShopRite clutching the bags containing her pastries and cosmetic products. The stranger was forgotten as soon as she stepped out of the mall. The sun was unforgiving so she slipped on her sunglasses and trudged towards the nearby taxi ramp. She turned off her iPod to negotiate with a taxi driver when Stranger “forever alone” appeared before her.

“Alaka Estate, how much?” he asked the taxi driver.

“This is my taxi…” Niyola found her voice.

“I don’t see your name written on it…” He told her with a smirk.

Niyola gave him the stink-eye and turned to walk away. He pulled her back gently, his smile broadening infectiously as he stepped closer, trapping her between himself and the taxi.

“My God! You’re fine sha… And those lips… They are begging to be kissed” he said softly.

Niyola smiled mischievously and leaned towards him, as if to kiss him. They were so close that their breaths fanned each others faces. He smiled and actually wanted to kiss her when he stopped abruptly and stared into her eyes. She expected to see shock but he didn’t appear shocked. His eyes darkened sensually before looking down between them. She had grabbed his dick… firmly and she didn’t look like she was ready to let go. Then he looked back at her, the initial sexual desire in his eyes totally evaporated. They stared at each other in silence; her hand still holding his dick.

“You… Are… Dead! I will fuck you till you cry and beg so next time, you won’t go grabbing strangers by the balls.” He told he in a low growl.

Niyola let go of his dick and turned to the taxi driver who had been watching them with ill-concealed interest.

“Alaka Estate” she mumbled before pushing away from him. She entered the back of the taxi and slammed the door shut.

“Your money is 700 Naira o Aunty” the taxi driver announced as he turned to the driver’s side of the cab.

Niyola didn’t argue. She turned on her iPod and didn’t complain when the guy joined her at the back seat of the taxi. Niyola hummed along to a song on her iPod and ignored the guy’s inquisitive look. After a brief moment, he reached to remove her left earpiece. She turned to him with a quizzical frown.

“You live in Alaka Estate too?” He asked.

“No I don’t.” She replied.

“Then why are you going to there?” He seemed sincerely baffled now.

“You want to fuck me till I beg… I’m curious to know how that works, so I’m gonna follow you home and let you do it… I’m garnering experience for Life’s dissertation.”

He chuckled at her words and was rewarded with a mischievous smile. She slipped the earpiece back in her ear and began to sing along to the song from her iPod.

“……oh, oh, oh, oh Lord../ Why do they keep pushing me?/ Why do they keep pushing me Lord…/ Oh, oh, oh, oh Lord…/ Maybe they want to die…/ Somebody wants to die…..”

He watched her with a mesmerized smile. Then she turned to him again, rapping along to the song.

“……They call me M.I. Abaga,/ J-Town rapper/ Jesse-Jagga broda/ You can’t do me nada!/ 2009 M.I. Rocking at the M.A.M.As/ You can buy my CD and rock it with yo mama…/ Me don’t want no drama/ I’m learning to ignore ish…/ Nobody come close/ Its sorta like and orphan/ Yes they a lil fly, M.I is in orbit/ Making more green than an orchard…/ FORK IT!!!!”

He smiled at her broadly, his eyes twinkling with mischief. Niyola turned away from him, inwardly questioning her sanity but outwardly humming to the song. He got out the bottle of Jack Daniels, opened it and took a quick swig from it. She turned to give him a knowing look and smile. He passed the bottle to her and she also took a swig. They both chuckled knowingly and he mouthed a silent “I will so fuck you ehn?” To which she replied “Bring it on fuck-boy.” He laughed at her mouthed response and took another swig on the JD.

“Aunty, na Alaka we dey enter o… Which place…?” The taxi driver asked as he eased the car into the entrance leading to the Estate.

Niyola turned to stare at him. He gave her a dark look before reeling out his address to the driver. When they arrived at his place, she got out of the taxi and waited patiently for him to pay the taxi off. He led her toward his bungalow with the flourish of a preying lion, sniggering at her initial hesitance. He opened the door and ushered her into his house. Niyola scanned the living room briefly, noted that there were no wedding photos or conspicuous photo-frames of any female around. He swigged from the JD bottle before dropping it on the center-table and turned to her, beckoning her over with his index finger. She dropped her bags on the center-table also and moved close to him, reading down automatically to rub her hand over his dick. It sprang to life instantly and stiffed, creating a bulge on his jeans. He smiled and began to unfasten his belt buckle.

“Why don’t I set this bad boy free so you can play with it as you will… se seem fascinated by it…” he said as he pushed his jeans down.

He was wearing spotless white briefs. She looked at his bulge and licked her lips. He notice that little lip action and smiled leeringly. He pushed down the briefs and stepped out of them. His dick was huge and had a slight curve to the right. He was shaved clean and smelled of deodorant. She wondered briefly if he sprayed his pubes with body spray. She watched him sit on the sofa and spread his legs apart like a village Prince. Niyola tried but she just couldn’t take her eyes off his dick. She loved endowed guys and the thought of being penetrated by this guy made her incredibly wet.

By the way, my name is Malick… And for the record, I don’t pick up girls at the mall as a hobby…”

Niyola sat astride him, still fully clothed in jeans and her tank top. His dick poked at the crotch of her jeans.“I thought you were gonna take me in your mouth…”

“I don’t know where that has been bro” she said as she pulled the tank-top over her head.

He adjusted his dick so it stood erect and pressed against the lower abdomen of her jeans. She tossed her top aside, exposing her small perky breast to him. He couldn’t help himself. He leaned forward and took the nipple in his mouth sucking on it gently and occasionally grazing it with his teeth. She began to rock back and forth atop him as he sucked on her small breasts, taking each in turn, teasing, tugging and sucking like a hungry puppy. She clawed at his back while his tongue tormented her tits, reaching to yank his t-shirt off him and tossed the offending material away.

“Get naked…” He growled at her.

She got off him and removed her jeans in a slow teasing method. His eyes followed the slow descent of the jeans as it rode lower, exposing her well shaved pubes… Lower still showing her crotch… Lower down her small hips and down her incredibly toned thighs and down her lovely legs. She inched closer to him, lifting one leg effortlessly and placed her foot just beside his head on the sofa. He was faced with a pussy that gleamed with the sheen of her arousal. He swallowed hard and began to stroke his dick. Her darkened eyes watched him stroke himself and she reached down and began to rub her pussy. He watched her fingers as they worked her clit expertly, her pussy lips moistening. Her pussy was so close to his face, he was tempted to eat her… But he didn’t. Instead, he reached for his jeans on the floor, got out his wallet from the back pocket and eased a condom from one of the compartments. The hurriedly slipped the condom on as her breathing began to quicken.

Then he reach for her hips and urged her to sit astride him. Niyola, her eyes darkened feverishly, gently sat over him, taking his dick into her as slowly as she could. Placing her hands on either side of his head, she let him pull her hips down till he was fully embedded inside her. She let out a moan as he squeezed her small ass, grinding them together as she began to move back and forth slowly. He held her small hips and assisted her in her ride, staring into her eyes as they fucked. She stared back at him and smiled while increasing the pace of her ride. He smiled back at her, leaning back to enjoy the ride.

“Yeah baby… Fuck me… Fuck this dick…”

She smiled and jammed one nipple in his mouth to silent him then lifted herself up till his dick was almost out. She sat back down with force that made him groan out and release her nipple. She braced herself again, lifted up and came back down. She began to fuck him up and down with a speed that made him sit up and hug her waist. She began to whimper, signaling her approach to orgasm. Her movement and whimper made his orgasm speed up; he had to still her movement by grabbing her hips. He managed to maneuver their position without breaking the contact of their fused organs; placed her on her back, threw one of her legs over the head of the couch while the other was spread out to the other side. He began to fuck her… managing his thrust at a not too fast pace. With one leg still across the headrest of the couch, she entrapped him with the other leg and threw both hands over her head to grab the armrest. That simple action tugged her small breast higher and unleashed something inside of Malick. He fucked her hard, thrusting so fast that she cried out.

“Arrrrgh… I’m cumming…” She moaned aloud.

Malick fucked her even harder and she screamed in ecstasy, lifting her hips up to receive his thrusts and used her leg over his waist to push him in deeper. He stiffened as he felt his orgasm push forth and thrust in so deep she yelped in pleasure and pain and began to shake as she came. He groaned and shot cum into the condom, grinding atop her and pressing down he pelvis as he pulsated with release. Breathing hard, he watched her as she clawed at him in the final throes of climax. She looked so damned sexy with her full lips slightly parted as she gasped for breath. The kissed her then, tasting the sweetness of her mouth and sucking out the breath from her. He could feel her heightened heartbeat as she struggled to climb down the hills of orgasm. They lay on the sofa breathing hard… Trying to catch their breath.

“Gosh! I’m hungry as fuck…” She said with a shy smile.

“There’s cold pizza and whatever else you got in your take way bag” he replied as he got off her.

She sat up and reached for the pastry bag, grabbing the hotdog. She began to eat it while he got rid of the condom. His dick glistened with the slime of his cum and she stared at it hungrily as she ate. He tossed the condom on the floor carelessly and reached for the bottle of Jack Daniel to take a swig.

“That is round one… You know we’re not done sha?” He said with a smile.

She smiled back at him and also took a swig of the drink to wash down the hotdog.

“You still haven’t given me my dissertation material though…” She said with a broad smile. ” Better eat up your pizza and come show me what you’ve got.”

He laughed and opened up the pizza box to get a slice.

“Better call home and give your excuses because I’m gonna fuck this your pussy till you beg me to stop. This is the prelim match baby.”

She laughed and finished up her hotdog before grabbing a slice of pizza and began to chomp on it.

“Don’t worry Malick; my pussy will take notes of your grandiose expertise. I look forward to begging and crying.”

“You never did tell me your name though…” He said between a mouthful of pizza.

“My name is Niyola…” She said.

“Nice to meet you Niyola. Now finish that slice of pizza and get on all fours. I’m gonna need you to throw that cute little ass in the air and give me that pussy!”

She smiled, finished the pizza and took another swig from the bottle. Then she got on all fours, threw her ass in the air and turned to smile at him with darkened eyes.

“Niyola’s pussy is at your service Malick… Come fuck me till I scream and beg”

He finished his slice of pizza and also used JD to wash it down. Then he got another condom from his wallet, tore the foil and slipped it on his instantly stiff penis, watching her pussy as it stared him in the face.

“Ok… Leggo” he announced as he positioned himself between her spread out legs and aimed his dick at her quivering core…

…THE END………????

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